3 Easy Ways To Generate Lead With Live Chat Tools

Whether you are running a small courier service or a big e-commerce network, if you are not getting (or preferably growing) the influx of leads then your efforts and investments will never be paid off.

It is the dream of every business owner to turn every business owner into a lead, and convert every lead into a valuable sale. Lead generation is all about identifying and targeting the prospective customers, a.k.a the leads, along with nurturing their interest in your business’s offering and services.

3 Easy Ways To Generate Lead With Live Chat Tools

Lead generation is important to all businesses, from startups to the Fortune 500 companies. However, it is difficult to benefit from all the website visitors, we can use different tips, tricks and hacks to make the best use of your leads, and optimize your ROI in the best possible way. One best way for driving lead generation is through live chat.

Here, we will discuss some effective ways to use live chat as a tool for lead generation. 

Make Live Chat Window Obvious

As stated in a 2016 Forrester article, the customers have been using online chat more and more in the past few years, which has been increased from 38 percent in 2009, to 43 percent in 2012, and to 65 percent in 2015. This proves that progressively more customers are visiting brand’s websites with the objective of connecting through live chat.

By highlighting your live chat presence on your site and through leading search engines, you can make more customers reach your representatives straight through live chat.

Keep Keen Eyes on Your Live Chat Data

One of the most recommended ways for increasing the leads—using your website live chat support software—is to analyze the data you acquire via live chat. You need to monitor the behavior of the website visitors; you can provide more customized services, and offer discounts that will turn your leads more prone to conversion.

Many chat software are offering features that can help you get quality data of your visitors. The data they provide you with includes:

  • Information about the pages your prospects are browsing.
  • The geological demographics of your targeted audience.
  • How your website reach you? (Search engine, social media, paid advertisements, etc.).
  • The number of times your visitors have been visiting your website.
  • The activities of your visitors on your website
  • Other behavioral data like how long your visitors are staying on your website.

Your Chat Should Proactive

There is no point in integrating live chat to your website when you are failing in being responsive to your prospect’s queries.

In a Customer Lifecycle Survey help in December 2015, Forrester claimed that 53 percent of customers are more prone to give up their online purchases if they cannot get quick replies to their queries.

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest concern of the online stores. If you want to reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment, try to keep product information easy to access and clear. However, when customers want to have a question regarding a product, even if they are having a problem, be quick to solve them on the spot. Even if they do not ask for your help, a persuasive chat invitation can give them a feeling that they are valued. Proactive chat sessions can help you target leads who might require an expert help or those who just need a little pampering to make a purchase.

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