3 Tips To Optimize Your Landing Pages

Click on an ad or a search result and you’ll land the – landing page. For quite long, I was unsure about what the landing pages are. Maybe you too aren’t clear about this term. So it is better to understand this term first before going ahead.

3 Tips To Optimize Your Landing Pages

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is any page which directs you to a web page in response to clicking an ad or a search result. The page is optimized against specific keywords. This page is optimized for a single objective. A website can have a single landing page or even multiple.

I believe it’s now clear what a landing page is. Now it is time to understand how to optimize your landing page?

Optimizing the Landing Page

There are different ways to optimize a landing page. Of the many, some are outlined as under:

Keep the Page Simple

Earlier, the web designers were adding too many elements on a page, thinking that this will make the website appear more attractive. But it’s now a norm to keep a web page as simple as one can.

  • Don’t use too many colors. It is suggested to use the colors which match the colors of the logo.
  • Don’t add too many images to fill every nook and cranny.
  • Avoid using Flash videos, as they slow down the loading process, rather use HTML5.
  • Don’t let the page play with user’s eyes. Let the page direct them exactly where the user wants to go.
  • Use white spaces.

Create a Unique Page

Make the landing page a bit different from the rest. A page that imprints an image on user’s mind is the one you want. The page should create an ever lasting memory which will redirect them always as they again think services like yours.

An example of what you can add to the landing page:

  • A logo of the company
  • A simple and short headline
  • A short explanation about the page (the services or the products you offer)
  • Add relevant images
  • Using color which should not distract the reader

Page Speed

Speed is one the major things that haunts the webmasters. If your website speed is slower than your competitors, the visitors will leave you. The average page loading time today is no more than 2 seconds. If you can’t beat this, at least try to beat your competitors. If you have a simple landing page, with no heavy images or Flash videos, the page will load better.

Design Your Landing Page

Here, we have 3 tips to create a landing page. Go with these tips to your web services company. And do ask them to present more tips to have a great landing page so that you can reach a great number of audience in less time.

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