4 Things iPhone Can Do,Android Can’t

10 years back, apple launched its first smartphone “iphone” from that day onwards the brand apple made its mark among audience. Currently,  Apple is one of the leading brand of smartphone market.

One of the major reasons of apple becoming so much popular is their loyal customer base. At Least 2 out of 3 people who purchased iphone once never thought of switching to other brand ever again.

The competition has always been between the android and ios. The long standing argument between android users and apple users are not going to end sooner.

There are some unique benefits of being a owner of iphone. Apple extended features and quality cannot be discovered so easily or quickly.

Here are 4 things that you may not knowing but iphone can do and android can’t :-

4 Things iPhone Can Do,Android Can’t

1. Apps Launch in Apple First then on Android

Most of you probably didn’t notice this before but almost more than half of the app developers launch their apps on app store before google play. One of the main reasons of doing this is that developers tend to make more money on app store in comparison to android.

One more reason of apps getting launched in apple store first is that, android take 28 percent longer time to develop as it requires 38 percent more code than the ios.

2.Get updates Immediately  

Apple keep sending updates on iphone to give their users a bug free experience of smartphone. The moment apple trigger out the update it immediately reaches every iphone, ipad, mac, tablet repair  at the same time.

The reach is quick because apple has complete control over its operating system. They manage it in a well organised way that makes apple a top notch company. You can get access to all the new features of update as soon as apple send them to the devices. On the other hand, android takes lot of time last to last year, google pushed marshmallow 5.0 for their users but it reached everyone in february 2016.  

3.iPhone is More Secure

Apple ios has been considered more secure than the android platform. Although, it cannot justify that ios is completely secure and android is not. All you can say is it is better. According to mobile threat report in 2015, 97 percent of viruses and malwares are designed specifically to target android system. On the other hand, only 2 to 3 percent of viruses affect ios system.

The main reason of android being vulnerable to threat is, it has huge number of users all over the globe. Second, most of the users do not or cannot able to update the device.

4.Synced and Work Together

Apple equip the devices with advance technology which can work great with all the other apple products seamlessly. You can start typing message or email and continue on other apple device from the point where you left off.

You can also receive calls on apple ipad, ipod touch and mac when all are in same wifi network. Life becomes so easy when you can easily transit from one device to another.

This couldn’t be done on the devices which is of different different brands. Especially when it comes to android.

Apple has great number of hidden features that we are may be still not aware about. Interface of iphone is something everyone appreciate and love to use. The only myth that revolves in market related to apple is that the apple screen repair or hardware repair is very much expensive. It is not true at all! The iphone maintenance is almost same as other android devices, it is even easier to locate the expert technician in case of apple repair than android.

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