5 Telltale Signs To Quit Surfing Facebook At Work

Most of the Facebook users engage in Facebook activities like updating statuses, posting photos, commenting and ‘liking’ posts has also been increasing with smartphones and 3G/WiFi networks becoming commonplace in recent years. It is stronger than you, even at work, you surf regularly on Facebook. How many times a day? For what reasons? Bored, you are unmotivated, you have time to spare? Have you ever thought about stop checking on Facebook?

5 Telltale Signs To Quit Surfing Facebook At Work

History of food for thought, here are some stories about the use of the famous social network… Here are 5 good reasons to quit Facebook check to work!

  • Because Facebook is Addictive

What is the first moment of the day when you go on Facebook? Even before checker emails? According to researchers from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, go to Facebook is the first thing that 70% of people are turning on their computer. They also argue that such behavior can be likened to an addiction.

This study also says that women are more active on Facebook than men: they spend an average of 81 minutes per day against 64 minutes for men. Also note that disadvantaged social groups use Facebook more than people more educated and wealthier.

  • Because Facebook is Depressing

Do you feel sometimes sad after watching the holiday photos of knowledge? Researchers from the University of Darmstadt, Germany, have shown that being exposed to the happiness of others on Facebook made jealous, unhappy and isolated.

According to the study, after surfing on Facebook, one in three people feels more depressed and less satisfied with life. People who watch the network without contributing are the most affected.

Vacation photos are the element that generates the most resentment. Then come the social interaction, where people compare them the number of ‘likes’ and comments they got.

  • Because Facebook Makes you Hungry

If you have weight problems or you tend to snack at your desk, it would be better to abandon Facebook. A study by Andrew Stephen of the University of Pittsburgh and Keith Wilcox of Columbia University has indeed proven that people who use Facebook to interact with their close friends and family saw their pride strengthened.

Unfortunately, this benefit is accompanied by a loss of self-control makes people “more likely to choose to eat less healthy food, compared to those who don’t surf on Facebook.”

  • Because Facebook is Spying on You

The best argument to get rid of Facebook (and maybe even all of your profiles on social networks)? The respect for private life.

The company, Electronic Defense Systems, Raytheon has launched a system called Rapid Information Overlay Technology (Riot) which extracts Facebook things like ‘check-in’ (geolocation) and longitude, latitude data automatically included in photos taken with some smartphones. The system can determine where you are, what you look like, things and persons to whom you are associated and even predict future behavior.

Raytheon provides only selling this software to any customer, but still admits sharing this technology with the US government.

  • Because Facebook Makes you Procrastinate

We will teach you nothing: it is always when you have a large file to hand you’re most likely to waste your time on social networks, just to delay the moment when you will have to get to work.

With the advent of Facebook and other social networking sites into our lives is inevitable, not the least of people using it over and over the effectiveness of its use can keep a constant control. Keep these pointers in mind and Facebook has turned you into a mindless sheep. So Keep yourself away from Facebook to stay productive!

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