5 Tips To Protect Your iPhone 7 and Extend It’s Durability

We all know accidents are unavoidable and phones can get damaged in many different ways, but are you really doing enough to protect your iPhone? The iPhone 7 is costly and looks beautiful, but you will likely want to use one of the best iPhone 7 cases to keep your new iPhone safe from any type of damage. The iPhone 7 is more water resistant than any iPhones before them. Here are some tips by which you protect your iPhone from any type of damage. 

5 Tips To Protect Your iPhone 7 and Extend It’s Durability

Choose a right Case: It’s a good idea to outfit your iPhone 7 with case. Choose the case which can protect your iPhone from scratches, dents, and drops and the one that prevents bending or a broken screen. Your case should be rugged, waterproof, shock resistant, durable and tough. If safety is your first priority, make sure you choose a case with the following features: a sticky grip to prevent slippage, and a hard back-plate to protect against scratches. A good case will wrap your device in three layers of protection, including covering your phone’s screen. If you’re looking for a protective and a right case that’s tough but not bulky, check out the Miniturtle Apple iPhone 7 Cases.

Buy a Screen Protector: The touch-screen is what you’ll be interacting with the most, and it needs a good screen protector to keep it safe. Most plastic screen protectors offer limited durability and are so inclined to smudging that they quickly get removed. Unlike traditional plastic screen protectors, tempered glass helps absorb impact from drops, leaving the phone screen below intact.

A good case may protect your iPhone’s body, but its screen is just as super sensitive to scratches and drops. Tempered glass screen protector is an adhesive film you apply on your phone screen to protect it from scratches and breaks. You can place the tempered glass on both sides of your iPhone. But, if you want to show the aluminum back of your iPhone and also protect them from getting scratched, glass tempered screen protectors also come with a transparent sticker you can easily place this sticker on the backside of your iPhone.

Install Find My iPhone and Activation Lock: Physical accessories may protect your phone from all types of damages like bumps, drops and scratches, but they do little to guard against theft. If you misplace your phone, Find My iPhone app will help you to find any iOS device and protect your data. You can easily install this free app, open it and sign it with the Apple ID. Find My iPhone app will help you to locate your missing device on a map. This application is extremely useful when your iPhone 7 gets lost.

Activation Lock: Activation Lock is configured to keep anyone from using your iPhone, if you ever lose your device. It starts working after that moment when you turn on Find My iPhone. From then on, your Apple ID and password will be required. Due to that no one can turn off Find My iPhone, erase your device or reactivate it. This can help you keep your device secure, even if it’s in the wrong hands.

Insurance for your iPhone: To protect your iPhone 7 from loss, theft, accidental damage and post warranty defects, you must take insurance for your device. If you need to make a claim, you can get a replacement device to your door within two days.

Enable password and Touch ID: If you are using a complex passcode to lock your iPhone 7 for security, you can also use Touch ID which is still integrated in iPhone 7. Touch ID is the fingerprint sensing system which makes secure access code to iPhone faster and easier. Before you can set up Touch ID, you need to create a password for your device. It allows users to lock and unlock Apple device but make sure that the home button and your fingers are clean and dry.

Final Words

Protect your iPhone 7 with the help of these common tips and get ready for unexpected incidents with insurance for your cell phone.

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