5 Useful iPhone Apps For Lawyers

Since 1976 till date, Apple has always contributed maximum in the technological advancements. Its products have always stood apart and have shown an incredible level of innovation and uniqueness.

Where Apple products never fail to amaze the users its app are now in the buzz. From design apps to technical ones, games to educational, and nowhere in this blog you will discover five bets apps for Layers.

5 Useful iPhone Apps For Lawyers

As per the Legal Technology survey report conducted by American Bar Association’s 2017, almost 96% of the layers use a smartphone to manage their law-related dealings while away from the offices. However, among those lawyers, almost 75% are iPhone users.  As you many lawyers prefer to use iPhone apps for handling their day-to-day meetings and cases, I have gathered some highly affordable or free law apps, which are efficient and useful. So without further ado, check the list summarized below:

Speak and Translate

The in-built Apple Speech Recognition provides real-time voice recognition that enhances the speed of every translation. The app provides more than 117 languages for text translation and 54 languages for voice translation.

The app is most suitable for criminal defense and immigration lawyers. These lawyers have to deal with clients speaking different languages. Though the app is available free on the App Store, however, the free version only provides limited translation per month along with having a large number of ads. To enjoy the ad-free version and unlimited translation you have to get the subscription for every month.

Time & Date Calculator

Lawyers have to spend a lot of time to calculate dates for giving appointments and to notify for the cases, it is related to either a motion or a record about the duration of an incident. Time is something that holds a lot of attention ad importance in their profession. Therefore, for such professionals, a time and date calculator app come in handy. It is a free app and is ad-supported It instantly calculate the time in alternative time nits. At just a touch of a button, it allows the user to make multiple calculations as well. It handles DST changes and to handle duration across any time zone it adds locations. In case, if you want to avoid ads you can upgrade the application to a premium one at $2.99.

Scanner Pro

Among the apps recommended by many experts working at iphone app development company, Scanner Pro is by far the best app for scanning and uploading documents. The app does not upload the docs but it also adds OCR (text recognition) while permitting to smart name them as well. Whether you want to upload a multi-page document to receipt you can use the app, it provides effective results. The app detects borders and correct dimensions. With Scanner Pro, you can smartly transform your iPhone or iPad into a professional scanner. In addition, it supports many online sites like Google Drive, OneDrive and ICloud Drive for uploading and sharing files.


The moment Serial podcast created buzz around the world, many lawyers have found it interesting and adopted it in their dealings. The Overcast app is a smart and efficient podcast having various features like voice boost, smart speed, and interesting playlist to listen to the podcast in any places.

It allows users to download podcast even when the device is out of internet connection. It sends a recommendation from Twitter about a recent and valuable podcast. Upon subscription, Overcast provides new episodes timely. You can download podcast and set on a sleep timer, which can help you adjust the volume boost.

Legal Practice Management App

The Legal Practice Management App is the most professional app for experienced lawyers who have to handle many fishes at a time. It provides a complete platform to organize law-related activities from managing interactions with clients to secure payment methods, access to law based documents to entering billable time. The cloud-based app is necessary to have thing if you want to enjoy a hassle-free professional life. In addition, it has a huge database to manage emails and messages along with a scheduling system to help you get notified about any upcoming event or hearing.

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