6 Things Recruiters Want To See On Your LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is the worldwide popular social network in the professional arena, Today, nearly all employees and most of internet users have a LinkedIn profile, 93% of recruiters will review a candidate’s social profile before making a hiring decision. You can attract recruiters, headhunters and employers to your LinkedIn profile. It is almost essential to exist on the job market, develop and maintain their network of professional contacts and provide an extension “online” to his resume. But to convince recruiters, this is not enough: they want most to see specific things… Which ones?

A Completed Profile

It’s simple: the more your profile is completed, you will be more easily found by recruiters. In addition, if it comes to a half empty profile, it will simply turn around! Recruiters want to find on your LinkedIn profile, details of your professional career development, Don’t be lazy and take the time to fill in the empty fields left: your skills, experience, education etc.

6 Things Recruiters Want To See On Your LinkedIn Profiles

Your Photo

While this may seem trivial, add a photo to your LinkedIn profile is important.

First, because it is more convenient. For example, to check that you know people who want to add yourself or find people after a networking: you are so sure you contact the right person.

Then, because LinkedIn is a networking site and it is easier to bind to people when we can associate their face to their name: it makes them more human contact. So choose a warm but professional photo to illustrate your profile.

Your Network

If you are under 50 relationships in your LinkedIn profile, the recruiter can imagine three things.

  • You are very sociable and you know few people.
  • You don’t like to connect with others, you are a little paranoid.
  • Technology and social media scare you.

In all three cases, this can be detrimental to you. It is not as much about relationships collecting irrelevant to inflate your network, but try to have at least a hundred relevant contacts to start.

The Fact that you are a High Performer

Recruiters are looking for performing candidates on LinkedIn. So be sure to sell itself, through your vocabulary (action verbs, results, success …) and having numerous recommendations of skills and expertise from your contacts. To have, give it: your contacts should make the favor!

Your Passion and Enthusiasm

Employers want to hire people who are passionate about what they do. To communicate your enthusiasm , join groups related to your field of expertise, announce your current missions in your status, share interesting articles, connect leaders in your area.


The testimony of third parties has a lot of weight on your LinkedIn profile (if they are positive, of course). So ask a few key people to write a LinkedIn recommendation for you, and be specific: about the type of recommendation that you would like (skills, enthusiasm, relate a specific mission, …) without dictating what to write, of course.

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