6 Website Promotion Tips For Beginners

So you finally managed to design your own website. Congratulations, now the real hard work begins—promoting your website online and getting better Google search rankings. You will have to act as your own sales person to pitch your website to a massive online audience. Is it difficult? Of course. Is it doable for a newbie? Absolutely. Here are some tips to begin:

1. Find Inspiration

Before starting your own advertising campaign, look around for what others are doing. Click on the websites that rank high on Google search results and browse through to see what these are getting right. However, you should know that the most popular websites are run by teams of professionals. You won’t be able to emulate everything you see on these sites by yourself without hiring your own ace team by searching for something like “digital marketing companies Dubai.” Regardless, you can be inspired and have a good idea about which tactics to use.

2. Create Social Media Profiles

Your website cannot promote itself. You will need to back it up with excellent social media profiles to redirect traffic from other sources. If you have a blog, or a website that sells homemade jam, you can create a company or a professional profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites for free. You can post interesting stuff on these sites to gain followers, and provide links for them to visit your website. Social media offers the best platforms for free advertising and self-promotion.

3. Blog About It

Blogging is an excellent way to create brand awareness. You may already have a blog for your site, or your site may be a blog. However, not many people are going to read it unless they have at least heard about your site. The best way to get the word around is to write articles on other blogs that already have massive followings. You can tap into the resources of others with a simple article and generate significant amounts of traffic to your website.

4. Free Giveaways

If you want people to pay attention to you, offer them something for free. Everyone likes free things. Announce a free giveaway on twitter or Facebook with the right hashtags and soon you will have other people sharing your posts and linking back to your website. You can use this temporary publicity to attract users and retain them. Remember, if you announce a free giveaway, you actually must give something away for real. Otherwise, your site will instantly be marked off as spam.

5. Try SEO Tactics

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Sites that are optimized get better rankings on search engines. The higher your site ranks on online search results, the higher your web traffic will be. SEO tactics are usually done by teams of experts. However, you can also try one or two simple things on your website, such as including keywords in content, posting high-quality content and making content error-free.

6 Website Promotion Tips For Beginners

6. Stand Out

Say you are in a crowd. No one will pay attention to you if you look just like everyone else around. However, if you are dressed differently from everyone else in gaudy colors with a giant hat on, people will notice you. The same logic applies to your website. If you can make your web content unique and unlike anything else available out there, people will notice your website and will keep coming back.

The above tips don’t require special tech skills to start doing. They are simple to execute, and will be a great starting point for a long-term promotional campaign.

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