8 Mistakes Not To Make On LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a brilliant opportunity for you to show your passion in a particular job sector. Now a day’s increasingly difficult to find jobs these days. And the Internet is one of the best tools to get there! Specifically, use the professional social network LinkedIn allows you to maintain a network of valuable contacts for your career.

Here are 8 mistakes you need to avoid on your profile

No Profile Picture

It is imperative to use a photo. Too many accounts, LinkedIn has none. Your profile has seven times more likely to have your profile viewed if you have one.

Use a Bad Photograph

However, Be careful not to put any photograph. Needless to expose all your family, alone account your face! Another mistake not to commit: a photograph that is not like you or whatever. Be as professional as possible; adopt a conventional posture and a neutral expression: do you show your best professional and not personal day!

8 Mistakes Not To Make On LinkedIn Profile

Avoid Requests for Pre-written Invitations

When you ask someone to be part of your network, a default message is sent. Avoid using these messages by default. The best way is to use your imagination and creativity by writing a custom message. An effective way to draw the eye and attention of the person you are inviting.

Not adjust the Privacy Settings

Many may not have read the privacy settings on LinkedIn. However, they prove to be very important, especially if you are looking for a new job while continuing to work. Be aware that it is possible to be discreet with your current employer changing these settings. To do this, simply login and select “Settings” in the top menu on the right.

Stay Liability

Don’t wait for employers to come to you, don’t hesitate to canvass your side. Keep an eye on companies to follow, people come and go. When you see a person from a company that you like and you are interested, you must show that you exist by contacting the company’s human resources department and inquire.

Skipping the Status

Facebook and Twitter allow you to share your activities on your profile, LinkedIn also know that you can do. It is also highly advisable to publish some articles to your network and stay informed of your professional success! You can share the promotion of one of your colleagues, share an article that you have written to the media, etc. The more you share your professional activities, the more you’re feeding the curiosity of your network.

A Boring Title

You name it, under the title of your profile is listed on LinkedIn. Yes, you may be in a sales career, But you could describe yourself as an experience professional career in Marketing and Sales Leader.” People are drawn to the interesting titles, and this is a great place for your selling points and excite visitors to your profile.

Skipping the “Summary”

Although this information is no longer topical career goals on his paper resume, LinkedIn however, this is inevitable. Fill in the “Summary” section of your profile will give you an advantage to a potential employer. The plus? The writing in the first person! You’ll save energy and character.

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