A Guide on Various Types of Cameras and the Purpose They Serve

Security installations are getting more popular nowadays, due to which, it’s important to select a CCTV camera as per your requirement. This guide will brief you about different types of CCTV cameras available in the market today, so that you can pick an appropriate one based on your requiremets.

Following Are Some Types of Cameras

  • Bullet Camera

A bullet camera is a wall or ceiling mounted camera that is especially designed to be used indoors, however it can be used at some outdoor facilities as well. Name of this camera has been derived from its thin sleek and cylindrical shape.

This camera hasn’t been designed specifically for having pan/zoom/tilt control but for recording images from a larger distance. Be it any camera you buy, it’s important to pay attention to its installation. You can reach out to the best service providers of CCTV installation Dubai for getting affordable services.

  • Dome Camera

This camera has got its name because of its shape. This camera functions like others with the only difference that these are mostly used in dome-shaped housing. These cameras are highly suitable for dry environments such as kitchen, a warehouse etc.

Usually, dome cameras are used in retail stores. This is because in retail stores dome cameras serve twin purposes, on the one hand, thieves will remain at bay and secondly people working at the facility will feel protected. If you are also looking for a reliable dome camera, then CPPlus CCTV camera is a must pick for you.

  • IP Camera

These cameras, both hardwired and wireless are generally used to transmit pictures over the internet. It’s easier to install an IP camera as compared to analog one as there is no separate cable or power boost required to send images over longer distances.

These cameras have high resolution and scalability which provides it good performance. Resolution of IP camera varies from VGA to 29 Megapixel. Few IP cameras also come with in-built video analytic software.

  • Night/Day Camera

Night or day camera is made for situations with different light conditions. Such a setting allows the camera to take the pictures irrespective of the amount of light. This camera is usually used for outdoor facilities such as a parking lot. In some cases, the camera is customized to be used in strong background, direct sunlight, reflections 24/7, glare etc. These cameras are effective in handling both day and night time lighting situations.

  • PTZ Camera

This camera lets the surveillance operator to move the camera right or left, up and down as well as zoom the lens farther or closer. This camera is used in surveillance situations where there is an actual guard or a surveillance specialist monitoring the pictures.

These cameras have automated pan/zoom/tilt functionality where it can move on a timely basis. These cameras are usually used to cover a wide area having only one camera.


Hope this guide will help you in picking an appropriate camera for your facility.

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