A Little More About Microsoft Excel Skills Assessment

The influence of Excel depends on the elasticity to classify the structure and the layout of data to be managed. Microsoft Excel provides a grid interference where it is used extensively for business activities mainly to hold the records of the financial transactions and enables the user to customize the spreadsheet or by creating a new one. Excel is a useful tool for scientific research and analysis of statistics and is also used for tracking the sales leads; therefore, it is a huge platform to perform effective tasks using in-built features of Microsoft Excel. There are many features of Microsoft Excel which contribute to the operation effectively. Some of the most important features that contribute to the operations are:

  • Pivot tables
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Conditional formatting
  • Basic math and formulas
  • Mixed type charts and figures

Excel is a very big platform and hence it is too big to be familiar with the whole thing. At many cases, even the experts usually have an area of proficiency. It is always advised to know the characteristics that will help you with your contemporary requirements and to be updated with time.

A Little More About Microsoft Excel Skills Assessment

Now you can expertise yourself and test your ability in Microsoft Excel. Also, it helps the managing team to recruit candidates before the interview from excel skills assessment test to see their ability and skills in Excel. The latest features provide a better effect and are designed to test out the functional and application skills as industries demand. The recent assessment mainly involves:

  • Recruitment test
  • Online assessment
  • Vocational assessment
  • Campus hiring
  • Identifying high potential
  • 360-degree assessment.

The significance is laid upon evaluating the facts of functional skills gained through genuine work knowledge rather than hypothetical knowledge. The grouping of application and hypothetic questions helps to appraise convenient and technical facts of the candidate.  Candidates can modify the assessment as per their explicit needs and area to focus on.

The main topics included in the Excel skills assessment test are as follows:

  • Formatting: borders, columns, paper size, etc.
  • Tools: protecting cells, ranges, zoom in and zoom out, etc.
  • Editing: insert rows, find, replace, undo, etc.
  • Functions: inserting, sorting, filtering, auto sum, etc.
  • Charts and graphs: creating, inserting chart, adjusting, etc.
  • Duration: The test consists of 30 questions which are to be completed within 30 minutes.

How does it work?

Excel skills assessment test is definitely not a rocket science and can be taken either at home or office as it suits your comfort. There is no specific time allotted for the test and can be attended at any time, day/night, weekday, weekends. It is all performed via internet and website from any device. The test itself is practical, it is used to verify skills so far only self-reported. The questions are shaped and validated by qualified subject matter experts (SME). You will have thorough breakdown of the test results to help you better in the future too. Now with Excel skills assessment test you can master yourself and prepare for a better future in database handling in Excel.

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