A Search For The Perfect Gadget For Writers

There are tons of devices out there that are useful in reading take for example Kindle. But what about writing? Are there enough devices for writers to write on?

With the above thought in mind some of the companies introduced writing devices, one of them is Freewrite which is just meant for cloud-based word processing but the only catch, it’s worth 500 dollars! I mean with this price you can get a 16GB iPad Air 2 or a couple of 16GB iPad Minis. Besides the hefty price tag it weighs a lot too (four pounds) and possibly the worst of it is that it’s ergonomically incorrect. If you bend your neck all day to look at the screen then of course it’s going to pain like hell in your neck.

A Search For The Perfect Gadget For Writers

But given the fact that it raised 3 times more money than it was supposed to fetch indicates towards something very important. There is a huge demand for a single purpose device which is meant only for writing as neither Freewrite or Alphasmart Neo deliver what a writer needs. So what should we expect from a good writing device?

  1. Several hours of battery life

Many of the devices like Free-write have done this right. Some of the devices can even go on  for 4 weeks with a single charge.

Lugging a charger or a power bank is a real pain to deal with when you are on the move and also because writing doesn’t require a lot of battery power but maybe a lot of mental energy. The best option for battery power is perhaps a solar power e-book cover that just got introduced at Mobile world congress.

  1.  Efficient E-ink screen

E-ink was developed after several calls were made to amazon tech support number complaining that they can’t read on the Kindle like they read on books. E-ink is what makes a Kindle a Kindle and separates it from rest of the herd. This unique technology ensures clear, visible screen even during the day with direct sunlight beaming on the screen. It eats less into the power of the battery and one of the main advantages of using the device is that its back-light doesn’t disturb anyone else who is beside you.

  1.   E-books storage

The e-ink Kindle is very important tool for writers (that is evident when people call kindle customer support number appreciating them for the device) despite of physical books without reading which you can’t write well. I take my Kindle with me every where and if i could write on it then nothing could be better.

But if i could write on it wouldn’t it defeat the purpose of single purpose device? No , not at all because reading is inseparable and even entangled with good writing.

Stephen King once remarked once, “The more you read, the less apt you are to make a fool of yourself with your word processor. If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write.  even the lamest novel is going to teach you something about good structure, by its absence.”

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