Advantages Of Creating Responsive Web Design For Your Business

As per the latest reports published in the Guardian Newspaper in October 2016, mobile browsing has reached a key milestone. The report stated that for the first time mobile browsing of websites has overtaken the desktop traffic all across the world. Mobile browsing stands for 51.3% of the traffic whereas desktop traffic stands for only 48.7%. From the above statistics, it is evident that it was never been more important to have mobile friendly as well as the responsive website.

Advantages Of Creating Responsive Web Design For Your Business

Let’s learn about the concept of responsive web design and benefits of having the same for your business.

What is Responsive Web design?

To keep it very simple, responsive web design is an approach which suggests that the design, as well as the development of the site, must respond to the behavior and environment depending on the platform, screen size and resolution. It is also involved with a practice of coding website which in turn will offer optimum viewing experience.

The most important feature of a website having responsive web design is that traits like navigation, images, texts, UI elements, screen layouts of the website should re-adjust by themselves on different types of devices.  Let’s now move towards the advantages of having a website with responsive web design.

  • Maximum Traffic

Based on the reports of InMobi, more than 60% of the online usage is performed using mobile devices. So having a responsive website will drive maximum traffic to the website as a user prefer to browse the website which is perfectly designed to be for mobile use. So, businesses should keep on updating the design of their website in order to have more and more traffics.

  • Recommended by Google

Having a market share of 67%, Google is almost dominating the entire search engine as well as internet industry. This is why Google suggest or speaks something, search marketers are bound to listen to that. Google have stated that responsive web design is their suggested mobile configuration as they have referred it to the industry’s best practice.

  • Highly Cost Efficient

The best thing about having a single site which conforms to the need of all devices is that they are cost efficient in nature. It is because one website costs less as compared to two different websites. In addition to that, the websites which are purposely designed for mobile devices do not offer latest and advances navigational techniques which are found in the conventional website designs.

  • Enhances User Experience

Responsive web design enables the owners of the website to offer content of top-notch quality to its readers and being content is the ultimate factor to be measured in the success metrics, readers are offered with excellent user experience. The responsive website enables all its readers to get the needful access to the sites to get valuable and crucial information.

Other benefits of Responsive Website

Before mentioning the other benefits of responsive web design it is imperative to choose a professional agency for responsive web design in India or in the preferred business sphere to get the best results.

  • It saves lot of time
  • It helps in consolidating reporting and analytics
  • Enhances the chances of visibility in search engines
  • Higher conversion and sales rates
  • Very easy to manage

These were some of the most important benefits of having a responsive website for your business. It is best to get in touch with a professional and experienced company for responsive web design in India.

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