Best Practices A Company Must Incorporate When Outsourcing Software Testing

Outsourcing of software testing services requires consideration of several factors. One has to think about its essentiality and advantages. There can be issues pertaining to transparency, workflows, reliability, etc. in relation to a QA outsourcing.

The right ways to select a company for QA needs and ways to work with them efficiently is what every company needs to know for proper accomplishment of their task. One of the best ways is to understand the most significant issues that clients attend to while working with a QA company. This will help in adopting the best strategies to deal with them.

Best Practices A Company Must Incorporate When Outsourcing Software Testing

What are the concerns of the client when they hire an outsourced QA?

At the time of applying to hire a QA company for their software development, very few clients think about testing. They are more concerned to know about the type of resultant functioning product that they will get from their investment. The primary areas of focus are quality, cost, and speed.

The other important things that may come to their mind when selecting software QA services are:

  • The necessity of software testing
  • Benefits that one may get out of testing outsourcing

What are the factors that impact the selection of QA company?

Different companies have different expectations from an outsourcing QA company. Where one company would expect wonderful charts and reports, other companies may be interested in viewing transparent processes. There are also a few clients who give preference to achieve a ready outcome without wasting any time on excessive reporting. So, it is important to know what does a company expects from a QA professional and communicate it properly to them.

What are the different popular testing methods provided by outsourcing QA companies?

There are different types of testing techniques performed by QA professionals on a software. Some of them are load testing, functional testing, mobile testing, performance testing, game app testing, etc. depending on the duration of project short-duration or long-duration.

What are the commonly occurring problems found while performing product testing?

Time lack is another main consideration when performing product testing. Addition of QA professionals to a project, discussing the project with them, implementing changes in the existing project, and dividing release of software into several phases needs to be considered.

Also, sometimes as per the demand of clients, sudden changes need to be carried out in the project. This can take more time in achieving the desired end product. It is important that both client as well the outsourcing company should be prepared for such scenarios. A close interaction between both the parties helps in clarifying the situation and reach an amicable solution.

What is free testing?

In free testing, a client is provided with a choice to select any type of testing they wish to be carried out on their software project. They are given a multitude of options to choose from. Depending on their project needs, end result and cost, they determine the type of their preferred testing. On the basis of this, a QA team with an expertise in that specific area of testing is assigned the task.


These are some of the questions that will definitely give you a useful insight of how to deal with QA outsourcing services. Implementing the right strategies would help in getting the best output from hiring QA services.

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