Choosing Between Colocation Server Hosting and Leasing Dedicated Servers – A Daunting Task

Colocation server hosting and dedicated hosting solutions come with their own advantages. As no two business requirements are same, the choices between different enterprises vary a lot. Therefore, it is very difficult to say in a few words, which one is better than the other. In fact, there is no straight forward answer to choosing one web hosting service over another. As it’s difficult to make a dummy understand about effectiveness of these hosting solutions, it is very important to point out the differences by considering a real life example of owning a house/car and renting it. The same logic applies to servers too. As hosting solutions are expensive, wide array of possibilities and choices are there for the website owners. Whether it is the question of equipment quality, power, or financial relation with equipment, possibilities range a lot.

Choosing Between Colocation Server Hosting and Leasing Dedicated Servers – A Daunting Task

A company can either lease a server from a hosting provider or collocate. In this comparison, there are more similarities than differences. Whether you lease or own the server, both are dedicated in nature of usage. Most important benefits in both these hosting solutions include multiple physical parameters such as disaster recovery plans, climate control, and others. If you are trying to choose between these two, it’ll be a difficult task.

When it comes to colocation server hosting, user owns the equipment and this is the reason why the management issues as well as setting up facilities are a bit complicated. Here, the user has to buy the equipment and therefore requires investment from part of the user. What the user is doing here is simply renting the rack space from a data center or hosting service provider. When it comes to leasing dedicated servers, parallel can be drawn with renting of an apartment. Here, no initial investment is there for buying server hardware. You are simply leasing the dedicated data center facilities from the service provider.

When you are using colocation server hosting, it is completely dedicated in nature, just like a dedicated server. Whether it is the RAM, processor, or storage, you will be drawing the functions yourself only. There will be no sharing between different users. If you draw parallel to this hosting facility, it can be said that it is similar to getting PC access. Right from scratch, the user decides what’s the components will be. Therefore, the customization level achieved here is or highest order. The most practical occurrences include storage at data center. However, there also exist many data centers that offer colocation services as an additional feature. Colocation server hosting are found to be best for users who have no issues with buying server equipment but want third party handling of the equipment for physical safety measures. Here, server renting will not be done. The only thing that will be rented by the user is the rack space from a hosting service provider or data center. When you rent the service, additional facilities such as back-up power generators, security parameters, and cooling technologies are incorporated.

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