Cleaning Computer Peripherals and Components

If you spend hours on your computer every single day, it can be easy to forget that this electronic device needs maintenance and regular effective cleaning service not just when it comes to software. You have to make sure you clean your computer thoroughly, which includes components and peripherals. Much like home cleaning that makes the environment you live in fresh and sanitised, PC cleaning ensures that the machine operates smoothly and trouble-free.

How often should you clean your computer depends on a number of factors. One such is whether the computer is located in a home or office environment. Other factors, such as whether there are pets near the computer and smoke from cigarettes contribute to the need of a more frequent cleaning service. Normally you should consider a thorough cleaning of the components and peripherals every 6-8 moths to assure perfect maintenance.

Cleaning Computer Peripherals and Components

Here are some tips on cleaning some of the essential components of your PC:

Case – if you want to keep your computer looking fresh, you should clean the case. It is also important to perform cleaning service on this part to allow airflow in the computer, which helps with cooling. A damp lint-free cloth will be enough for most cases, and if you notice nasty stains you can add a detergent to the cloth. Vacuum around the holes, vents and other crevices to keep them clean of dust.

Disc drive – a dirty disc drive may cause errors when you want to read a disc. The best way to go about this is to acquire a specialised CD-ROM cleaner, which is the fastest and most efficient way of cleaning this part of your computer.

CDs and DVDs – discs of various types can be cleaned with a slightly damp cotton cloth. Just remember to wipe from the center of the disc working towards the outer end, and never wipe with the tracks.

Headphones – if there are many people using the headphones of your computer, you will certainly want to perform regular cleaning service. This is best done with a cloth moistened with warm water and a disinfectant. Some headphones have cushions that can be removed for cleaning or replaced as they get dirty.

Monitor – if there is too much dust or fingerprints on your monitor, it can be hard to see what is on it. If your monitor has LCD display, you should avoid spraying liquids on it. Use a microfiber or soft cotton cloth with rubbing alcohol on it to wipe down dust and spoils. If you have older model monitor, you can clean it the same way you would perform window cleaning.

Keyboard – one of the dirtiest peripherals of your PC. Compressed air works efficiently by blowing away any dust and debris stuck under the keys. Even better would be to use a vacuum cleaner, but be careful not to suck in any loose keys. Once that is taken care of, you can spray a disinfectant and wipe the surface of the keyboard. For most efficient cleaning, you can consider opening the keyboard or removing the keys to thoroughly clean under them.

Make sure you take care of your computer components and peripherals, if you want to ensure smooth operation with them. Cleaning service should be performed regularly for best results.

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