Expert Review Of Horizon Hosted Cloud Telephony

Horizon, cloud telephony service from Gamma is targetted toward business users. The service offer an easy to use online portal which allows administrators to simply and effectively manage their users and lines, freeing up valuable resources.

Fixed Line and Mobile Users

The Horizon service offers a large range of capabilities for both fixed line and mobile users. Interact, a UK based supplier of voice and video solutions have been more than 1o years of experience in this market place and this is their review of Horizon. Interact have used Horizon at their own offices for several years and they have many customers that use it too, Interact say they always recommend Horizon to their clients, they find the reliability of this service to be excellent.

The team at Interact really liked the online portal, they say they found it to be intuitive and very easy to use. Horizon is also very scalable, Gamma are constantly developing and improving their phone system to make it future proof. Gamma also look for feedback from their customers, they use customer feedback to regularly make changes and improvements to their phone systems.

Expert Review Of Horizon Hosted Cloud Telephony

The Future

Interact say, “SIP trunking or cloud telephony as it’s also known is the way forward, this technology offers numerous benefits over traditional land lines.” Calls go out over an internet connection making the traditional PBX obsolete since it is now in the cloud. Cloud telephony offers massive cost reductions, there is no longer an onsite PBX to maintain. Interact love this feature and their customers do too.

The Horizon service offers packages that include Local, National, Mobile and even International calls these packages can save companies thousands.

The Portal and Training

Interact say the Horizon portal offers plenty of useful features these features make every task or customer request really simple and easy. Gamma offer some some great webinars too and Interact have sent most of their team to the Gamma training sessions, they found the training sessions were really are well attended. All the Interact team returned to the office wanting to try out what they had learned at the training.

Customer Feedback

Interact’s customers love Horizon too. An increasing number of companys are moving their services into the cloud, cloud solutions are no longer only available to large corporations with large budgets. Advances in technology mean cloud hosting is available to everyone. Everyone is bandwidth hungry in this day and age, issues with bandwidth and reliable connectivity have pretty much been resolved.

Benefits and Features

Thanks to cloud computing and the Horizon service many companys are able to offer their staff the opportunity to work from remote office or even home, flexibility like this can help to improve productivity, reduce travel costs and other expenses.

Horizon offers the ability to provide geographical numbers to remote workers and offices. This feature can give the impression that you’re a local business without the need to rent another office. Another feature is CallGurad this feature means your calls can be protected from any unusual usage. CallGurad can be added to any numbers you have and it will shield your business from large phone bills.

This post was supplied by Peter Harris. Peter works for Interact Technology a Gamma partner, learn more about the Horizon solution here.

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