Facebook Adds 360-Degree Video To News Feed

World’s biggest social media network Facebook has introduced the new service 360-degree videos to its news feed, That allows users to watch videos in 360 °. The 360-degree videos are also called spherical videos. When playing videos on Facebook, users can choose what angle you want to change the field of view. On mobile devices, the viewing angle can be moved with your finger or by a different angle of inclination or rotation of the device. And on the desktop allows users to click and drag with the mouse around a scene.

In addition, Facebook has preferred to focus on the web version of the platform and  Android application to start. But iOS users will have to wait a little longer than others to watch these videos in 360 °.

Facebook Adds 360-Degree Video To News Feed

Facebook is rolling out the technology 360-degree videos on Facebook, including partners Discovery Channel, Vice, the NBC program Saturday Night Live and Action cam manufacturer GoPro. Disney and Lucasfilm debut with a 360-degree experience from the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This allows fans to rotate the video of the desert planet Jakka in different perspectives.

Facebook expects that join many video designers and experiment with the medium. In the next few days they will be able to upload their 360-degree videos. It could allow users to experience the world in a new, more inclusive way: “Imagine that you are at future 360-degree videos from vacation with  friend in a small village, You will be able to look around.

Facebook has been working for some time on video forms. Already in February confirmed by the Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox that the company is working on VR-Apps. “I think virtual reality is pretty cool,” he said at a media conference. “You realize, if you can see the future and this will be fantastic.” The development of VR apps is a logical step for Facebook. 360-degree video is like VR in at least one way.

In videos and last but not least in immersive 3D videos, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg sees a key to future advertising revenues. The communication of text has relocated to photos, CEO said at an analyst conference. Now success of change towards video. “We see huge growth there.” why Facebook bought the virtual reality specialists Oculus. If you want to upload your own content, one needs an expensive 360 camera like a Bubblcam.

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