Facile Ways To Protect Your Kindle Of Your Own

Most of the people are using the Amazon released e-Book reader to read books online. But being an electronic device, the users are worried about the safety of their device and to keep it safe. The kindle customer support provider available online helps them to secure their e-reader in case of any loss or fraud by adding your contact details and a password on the Kindle Settings page in your device. Securing your device in these ways means you could get the ebook reader back if you were lucky!

Facile Ways To Protect Your Kindle Of Your Own

Here below, some simple steps are also provided so as to explain you more in detail.

  • Add your name and phone number to the Personal Info section of the Settings page by clicking on the Menu option and selecting the Settings. Click on the Next Page option until you see the Personal Info option. Choose the Personal Info and use the keyboard to introduce your name and phone number.
  • To set a password, click on the Menu option and press on Settings page. After that click on the Next Page option until you see the Device Password option. Choose the Device Password, and use the keyboard to type a password in the Password and Confirm text boxes. You can then press a hint in the Hint text box to remember you what your password is if you forget it. The password comes up when you wake your Kindle out of Sleep mode. You aren’t required to submit a password to open every e-book you want to read.
  • To extract the password protection, click on the Menu option and then select Settings and then Turn Off next to Device Password option.

These are some of the simple steps that will help you to secure your device of your own. Other than this, if you are facing any kind of difficulty then you can call the kindle tech support number that is toll free. The technicians available online will help you in guiding of how to protect your e-reader. They are experts who aim to serve the customers hassle free reading experience. There is no need to go anywhere. You can just call them on their toll free number. Call them now and enjoy hassle free reading at anytime and anywhere.

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