Factors You Must Take Note Before Selecting Your Web Host

Hosting your website is as important a decision as selecting the content and layout of your site. It is the decision that can make or break your website’s future. Trust me when I say this because I have suffered the burns of choosing to host my website of a free web host. Not only did I loose all the data and traffic on my website it also took me a lot of time to get the rank of my website back to Google’s first page.

Experience is the best teacher, but the better way is to learn from someone else’s mistake.” I don’t know who said this, but it is something I failed to apply in my last endeavor and paid a high price for that. So, if you too don’t wish to experience the same fate then make a more informed decision. Now, you must be wondering; there are numerous web hosts available and with most of them claiming to have an uptime of 99%, along with almost unlimited resources as well as 24×7 tele support, how will I be able to choose the right web host. Well, there is a way to do that, but only if you carefully evaluate your options. To help you make a well-evaluated decision, this post will help you separate the best out of the herd of web host providers available.

Factors You Must Take Note Before Selecting Your Web Host


This is the most important criteria when you are looking for a web host. However, you need to take note that this should not be the only deciding factor when you are selecting a web hosting provider to host your website. Selecting the cheapest Web hosting provider may seem to be a wise choice in the beginning, but it might not be the right choice if your website is an online store for your business. So, you need to opt for a web host that provides non-outsourced customer support and uses upgraded and advanced hardware. So, before making your decision check the features of your Web host correctly.


Every Web hosting company has some or the other specialization. A single web hosting provider is not ideal for all kinds of businesses and services. There are some web hosts that offer superior shared hosting service. So, if you intend to start a business in reselling hosting service then this type of web host is ideal for you. But if you are planning to start your own website for your business then you must take a raincheck and evaluate your options carefully. Similarly, some web hosts are ideal for hosting websites of big multinational corporations but not for a simple blogging site. So, before you invest your money, it is recommended that you spend some time and study the speciality of the company you are planning to buy web hosting space from. For that, you need to read the blogs and customer reviews about the web host you are planning to go with and learn about the company’s strength and weaknesses.

Technical Specialization

Well, here you have to be honest with yourself first. You need to evaluate your website on the following checkpoints:

  • Blog page
  • Content
  • products
  • Seo Aspects
  • Images and Videos.

If your website has an abundance of the criterias as mentioned earlier, then you should never select the cheapest option available in front of you. It is because a Cheap plan won’t be able to provide your website with the technological support it needs to run smoothly. As the web hosting package is cheap, it is obvious that it will lack the processing power, the amount of RAM as well as the availability of Disk space to support your website. So, that will increase the loading time of your website and users generally avoid websites that have a high loading time. Also, you need to check about the web host’s policy on backup, additional domains, tech and non-tech support, etc.,  before making the purchase.

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