First Data Center In Japan Already Leased

Data storage has become increasingly important in today’s hyper-vigilant on-the-go world. Consumers in the United States have come to expect instant access to all of their important data. This trend has lead many data centers to emerge in an effort to fill this growing need. Consumers in other parts of the world have also made it clear they need to have such access. As a result, data centers have opened up in many nations across the globe.

Demand For Data Centers 

The demand for data centers has led to expansion in many parts of the world. One nation that has kept on top of current trends in data management is Japan. Japanese consumers have long been happy to embrace new forms of technology. The same is true of many Japanese companies. In an effort to help satisfy growing demand in Japan for yet more access to digital storage, Digital Realty has opened up a data center here.

Digital Realty is a company that specializes in the provision of cloud storage services to technology companies and other clients. They aim to be one of the world’s leading wholesale data center providers.

First Data Center In Japan Already Leased

A New Tenant 

Digital Realty is happy to announce they have pre-leased all of their space in the first data center they have chosen to locate in Japan. While the name of the anchor tenant was not revealed by the company, many observers know that it is a major hyperscale provider. The tenant is expected to be the first of many in the region who lease space in this part of the world.

Japan has a skilled workforce that companies know they can tap into to provide them with quality workers who are well versed in all aspects of technology.

Growing Cloud Market 

The market for data center space has become increasingly hot in the last few years. Providers have rushed to offer companies access to data center storage in facilities that are secure and up and capable of functioning even when weather conditions are poor. The result has been a huge boom as digital space providers have seen a great deal of demand for their product.

Many companies with data center storage space in Japan include Microsoft and Amazon. While Google has no presence in Japan at the present time, both Oracle and IBM have found Japan an ideal place for their data center storage needs.

German Realty Expansion 

Digital Realty paid over ten million dollars for a lot in Osaka in 2013. Company officials have also announced additional plans to expand into other parts of the world. They have acquired six acre lot in Frankfurt, Germany as part of their plans to do business in Germany. Company officials are expecting demand to be high for the three building campus they are planning to create here.

Their aim is to continue to find new markets that are ideal for the needs of today’s consumer and client. Observers feel the company is poised to deliver on their important promises to all concerned.

post excerpt: First data center in Japan already reporting huge client interest. Authorities report it is already leased.

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