Fixing A Slow Mac

If you are a Mac user, you will ultimately observe that your Mac has slowed down, eventually. The software of a Mac is generally very different as compared to a normal computer. Which is why though you might have to follow a few similar steps when fixing a normal computer, there are other steps that will be required as well. Hence, if you are struggling with a slow Mac, here are a few fixes that will have it up and running in no time, that too without the help of an expert.

Before you do anything try and restart your mac and you might be able to see if the trouble is with the software or has something to do with the exterior. It may sound like a very simple step, but it is also one of the most effective steps too. It immediately halts the things that are running in the background and allows you to identify the problem.

Fixing A Slow Mac

  • Check your Internet Connection

Sometimes a slow internet can be the main cause of a slow mac. The reason why this is the case is because everything that one does is entirely dependent on the internet connection hence, before you begin to think that something is wrong with your mac, maybe it is the internet that is causing the problem. Improving an internet connection can automatically better the speed of your mac. Here is how you can deal with this step:

  • Check your Network Preferences:

you can do this by choosing the diagnostics in your apple menu system and ensure that your connection type is the most suitable one.

  • Check the Speed of your Network:

if your webpage is opening then you can easily open the particular sites connection speeds and see if the problem is there or not. If you can get the page to load, go to a site that tests Internet connection speeds. There are several software’s you can download in your mac to check the speed of each page.

  • Test all the macs:

if you are currently using more than one mac, then a smart option is to see if just the one is causing trouble or if all of them are going through the same speed issue. If it is true that all the macs have slowed down, then the internet definitely the cause of it. However, if it is just one mac that seems to be slower than the others, then you know that the problem is with the system and not with the connectivity.

Sometimes due to connectivity problems, the speed of the internet you are using isn’t what it is supposed to be. Check your bills to see what the speed is actually supposed to be.

If your internet is indeed the problem, disconnect and reconnect the modem. This can be done either by the button on the modem or by unplugging it and then plugging it in again. Leave it off for at least half a minute before you plug it back in again. Once this is done, you will observe a drastic increase in speed.

With these easy and simple steps you can detect the cause of a slow mac and fix it without delay.

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