Free Cybersecurity Tools For Startups

For a company like the removing complaints from Google team, investing in online security can be a challenge for them as a small business. It is said that 71 per cent of cyber attacks target small businesses since they know that those who get affected will go out of business within 6 months of the attack. Most cybersecurity solutions are quite high in price and that’s why the following ones are actually free and wont break a startups bank.

Free Cybersecurity Tools For Startups

It Security

The best IT Security company is called Soteria and was founded by a former hacker for the National Security Agency. These individuals decided to team up to fight data theft that threatens firms of any size. This company offers a range of services for free including phishing detection and takedown, reputation monitoring, and endpoint compliance monitoring along with protection. These are three of the six services offered in the SoteriaSecureStart program.


CyberGhost is a virtual private network (VPN) that uses encryption to secure your data and privacy on public networks such as the Internet. No outside party can intercept your data only authorized users who have access to your private network can.

Software Update Automation

Any outdated applications have security holes that make them vulnerable to cyber criminals. The software Heimdal is free and can automate your software updates and eliminate vulnerabilities that are used in cyber attacks. You can also install apps safely. This free service can be used with commonly apps like Adobe, iTunes, Google Drive, Java, Chrome, Firefox, Skype, Adobe Flash Player and so on. You can download it, install it and leave it to work in the background.

Customised, Professional Training

The startup called Cybraryis committed to teaching cyber security skills to anyone and anywhere. It offers free training to IT and cyber security professionals around the world. All of the skills that are taught are based on skill level and to this day, Cybrary has one million registered professionals on its platform.

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