Google Launches A Drive Plug-In For Edit and Save Files From Microsoft Office

Google announces a Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office, that allows Google Drive in Microsoft Office to integration. With this plug-in, Once it’s installed, users can store their Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents directly through their Office program in Google Drive. And save any changes back to Drive when you’re done. Lets you open any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents,

That’s Google According to particular members of a project team or also this service is very useful for those users who want to access their Word documents across devices, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations. According to blog post of google technical program manager Darrell Kuhn. The user can work with the plug-in with familiar applications and at the same time benefit from the safety and comfort of Google Drive. However, Google Drive is not the first cloud storage service.

Google Launches A Drive Plug-In For Edit and Save Files From Microsoft Office

Cloud-storage service Dropbox and Box already offer similar integrations with Microsoft Office Online. As part of its strategic cooperation. Dropbox users can open their stored documents at storage service using Microsoft Office Online, and edit in the browser, and all changes are automatically saved back to Dropbox. In contrast, come to the offline version of Office, only users of the corporate version of Dropbox for Business benefit from the Dropbox integration.

Conversely, supports Microsoft Office Online to connect directly to Dropbox, so there also new files can be created. In Dropbox advantage of the update of its iOS app also announced, to allow its users in the future, directly from within the app Microsoft Office create documents. This should, according to Dropbox prove useful, “so you do not have to wait until you’re at your computer to start a project or to prepare a notes.” The Word, Excel or PowerPoint files are stored in the previously saved folder, so that they are accessible with any other device or via the Web.

Google this week also released a service of Google+ Photos, With the new users can continue to share photos and videos on the social network. And available after you switch to the new, stand-alone Google Photos app. Google+ Photos will totally bow from 1 August, And that goes for both Android and for iOS platforms. Get the Google Photos app for Android

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