Guide To Use Social Media For Job Search

Social media become an important role in your job search, Now a day’s many recruiters are searching for candidates on different social media channels, it’s important that job hunters are aware of how to make sure their use of online media helps rather than hinders their job search. LinkedIn profile is one of the main weapons of the job seekers for making a list of professional experience. Twitter and Facebook profiles can help companies validate their identification and skills. It is important to the job seeker have access of different social media channels to stay in touch with their colleagues, and helpful to the expand their professional network.

Guide To Use Social Media For Job Search

Some of the social channels most commonly used by recruiters.


LinkedIn is the best source to make good communication between professionals and hiring managers, Bryan Lewis, chief operating officer of business research company Cognolink, noted that hiring managers pay particular attention to candidates’ activity level on LinkedIn, perhaps more so than any other social network. LinkedIn platform Help us find new jobs as well. Also, you should keep your profile up-to-date with your technical skills and achievements of your professional career. You think before twice twitter is the best online opportunity of your resume and put as many details as you can.

Use Keywords

Your profile come up during hiring manager searches so that you look your best in order to promote and use keywords in your profile. A faster way to identify the right candidates for their open positions, such as pull-up Use specific keywords.


Tweets are a good way to make new contacts with hiring managers and potential bosses. Use the Hashtag Search Function relating to jobs. You must type the words like “#jobs” or “#hiring”. Twitter account that is for professional purposes only, and start following companies that you like—or would like to work for the firm. Post questions, or even answer questions that you find on feeds that you follow to help and establish you as an expert.

Facebook Page

Facebook is the worldwide most popular social network and daily millions of users have access their account, At current generation 83 percent of job seekers are currently on the Facebook page network. But now that it’s time to separate the professional from the personal. So your current projects, archives, and to promote professional skills to create a Facebook page. Don’t Hide Your Whole Profile, Consider Letting You Connections Know You’re Searching.

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