How Can Facebook Reactions Affect Your Brand?

Facebook has revolutionized the entire concept of social networking.

Facebook reactions have a major role to play and this is evident from the fact that these were used more than 300 billion times in the first year itself. The best part about these reactions is the fact that the user gets the freedom to.

 Not everything that is happening in your life on a day to day basis can be explained in terms of simple thumbs up. This is the whole idea about the several cute looking reactions. Read the article to know more about these Facebook Reactions and their effect on brands and feed.

These are basically line-up of several emojis. These allow the user to react to any posts with the help of animated emotions like Wow, Love, Classic Like Haha, Sad and Angry.

Since ever users have been asking for a “dislike” option. It was somewhere in the late 2015 that Facebook actually came up with several exciting and useful options of reaction so that the users are able to express their sentiments. It is due to the fact that you cannot like all the events of life like disappointing outcomes, break-ups, deaths and the list is long.

How Can Facebook Reactions Affect Your Brand?

It is the work of the reputed Social Media Management Companies in India to use these appropriately for the purpose of brand promotion.

How do these actually work?

These will appear on all the posts and will work just like the simple like a button. All that you need to do is hold down the Classic Button and the menu of various options will be right in front of you. Once you like a particular post, all the other reactions and likes will be lumped together and are visible to all. But you can just choose one reaction to a single post.

Affect of Facebook Reactions on the Feed:

These are easily available on the Facebook Messenger as well. These can be activated by simply holding down and tapping. This way you can choose the appropriate emoji.

Geoff Teehan is proudly associated with Facebook as the product design director. He understood that immense care needs to be taken to come with the designs of the reactions as these need to look natural and not abrupt and inappropriate.

The design of the reactions works on two simple principles:

  • First and foremost, these need to be universally understood. These should allow the users to communicate and connect together.
  • These should be expressive and used widely. These should give the opportunity to the people to express themselves in a natural way.

The team of professionals worked real hard to come up with the designs that we see today. After the selection, an animator was hired for the purpose of breathing some fresh life into these reactions. After all, these would be meaningless if not able to recognize and appreciate the special occasions of life. This is how the special day reactions came into the picture like for Halloween or a purple daisy for Mother’s Day.

Why the option of dislike has not been introduced?

In spite of repeated requests, Facebook did not introduce the thumbs down button as it will not be doing justice to the vivid happenings of life. Human beings are not very simple creatures. So how can their reactions be summed up by simple thumbs up or thumbs down?

The professionals associated with the reputed Social Media Management Agency in India understand that the algorithm of Facebook is a complicated beast. They realize that these reactions can actually affect the look of the news feed of the users.

As a matter of fact, the algorithm gives more importance to the Reactions like sad, angry, love, haha and wow in comparison to the plain simple likes.

As a matter of fact, it is important for the brands to realize that paying attention to the reactions of the users on the posts can play a crucial role in the social success.

Now we know how important are these reactions and how do they exactly work. Maybe it’s high time that more of such options are introduced.

If you are associated with an online business or interested in managing your online presence in an efficient manner, then you can seek the help of experienced professionals. This way you will be able to easily share videos, schedule posts, keep the users engaged and measure the result of all your efforts.

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