How Can You Avoid Hours Of Bug Fixing And Amendments As A Web Developer?

For those of you that have been in the web development field for a reasonable amount of time you will know that there are quite clearly some pretty big problems with doing any sort of web design for a client. Amongst other things one of the biggest inconveniences with designing a site, app or online store for somebody is that there are always going to be a lot of amendments that need to be done. Whilst you may have created the perfect product in your eyes for your client the look and feel can sometimes be wrong, colour schemes are often questioned and there are also some bugs and glitches with sites that need to be ironed out before they can be happy with the finished product. This in itself is not a good thing at all for a web designer as these things tend to monopolise their time rather than the actual design itself. It is pretty sad that more often than not a web designer will spend more time fixing a potential site rather than actually designing it but it is something that we have come to live and deal with.

How Can You Avoid Hours Of Bug Fixing And Amendments As A Web Developer?

What you really need to look for in this case is something that allows you to cut out the inefficient time spent trying to fix a site, or reduce it at the very least. If there is a way in which you can show your client the finished product in real time they are far more likely to give you quicker feedback and have a good look at the site before it is finished so that they can make an informed decision as to what they are going to say about it. This cuts out the stage of several drafts and means that the customer is fully in control, turnover for them and the designer will be quicker and therefore the web developer in question will be making much better profit margins as well as taking on more projects.

The plugin that I would personally use that allows you to do these things and maximise the efficiency of your web developments would have to be that of Selenium. This nifty little piece of software is unique in that no other plugin out there acts in the way that it does, and it is used to create a virtual version of your site in real time which is used to find bugs and to show to your client for amendments aswell. The bug fixes are a really big time saver here as manually searching for errors in a site is difficult and based on trial and error, and Selenium makes this a lot easier.

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