How Important Is Viral Marketing When Launching a New Product?

A lot of business are adopting viral marketing in their business. This marketing strategy is the objective of several companies that are looking to influence social media for marketing of their products and services. Viral marketing is a content generated by a business that motivates consumers to share it within their social circle.

Immediate Awareness

Viral marketing proves to be significant in launching a brand-new product by putting the brand in front of potential market rapidly. Uploading a video on YouTube requires a fraction of expense as compared to what is cost in making a television commercial.

If it motivates people to express their opinions and share their message, then it can lead to a major influence on brand recognition. Linked In, Twitter and Facebook are the popular social media tools that enable users to distribute content and attracts attention of potential customers.

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Makes marketing spontaneous and easy

A viral marketing campaign does not aim at telling your audience every detail of the service or product of a business. Viral marketing strategy helps in generating a quick and easy reaction of customers in the form of laughter, amazement or shock. To get the best results from this marketing approach, it is advised also to place ads that links to the viral marketing video on commonly used search engines.

Seek customer’s attention

Companies try to make the attributes of new product as the centerpiece of their viral marketing effort. Before designing this campaign, it is important to evaluate what leads a person to click on a video. Ask employees or people with a good experience in social networking websites to share their thoughts.

To measure effectiveness of marketing efforts

It is essential to know if your marketing campaign is going viral and making desired impact on brand awareness. Views, re-tweets, likes, and other measures prove to be meaningful to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign goals.


Viral marketing assists in rapid growth of your business. It is important to establish the brand identity first. The aim of the viral message aims at communicating the style, value, and objective of the brand.

Strategies to ensure success of viral marketing strategies

There are some remarkable methods by which one can achieve the desired outcome.

  • Connect with bloggers
  • Get Press Mentions for website content
  • Find influencers on social media
  • Promote using Reddit (viral marketing domain)
  • Using Pinterest to drive huge referred traffic via the website


An effective viral marketing campaign creates ripples on the basis of recommendations for business product and service. If you haven’t used this marketing strategy for growth of the business, then you must take the first step now.

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