How To Evaluate The Authenticity Of An Original Artwork?

There can be a number of reasons for buying art for the first time.It can be just for your art love or for gifting someone dear to you. Another reason to buy art is because you see it as a potentially lucrative investment. In all the cases it is crucial to check the authenticity and originality of the artwork before you buyit. Nowadays, art world is flooded with numerous arts for sale. Seeing so many artworks all at one time can confuse an art buyer, thus making it difficult for the first time buyers to buy art for they don’t know how to spot fake art and where to buy the right art. So, to help all the first time buyers buy the perfect art, we have tried to answer these two important questions in this blog.

How To Evaluate The Authenticity Of An Original Artwork?

How to spot a Fake Art?

Before we begin, it is important to understand the meaning of original artwork. Some artists tend to make a single piece of painting or sculpture that is the original one. In case you are planning to buy an original painting, it is the signature of the artist that you need to look for. However, digital media artworks like prints or photography may have more than one original copy. In this case the artists release a limited number of copies of the same piece. Where in each copy is signed and numbered by the artist.This part become much easier when you come across certain esteemed online art galleries like IAI for buying affordable original artworks, as these galleries provide artworks signed and numbered by the artist along with an authenticity certificate that ensures their originality.Else, if you don’t want to buy art online or you are not getting any certificate that supports the originality of the artwork, you can ask for expert advice which is easily available online and at physical galleries. You can ask for a document signed by an independent expert that can insure the originality of the artwork you intend to buy.

Where to find Original Art for Sale?

An art lover would not roam in streets in search of original art.  He would either visit a brick-and-mortar art store or he would explore art galleries online. It is not a big surprise that online art galleries are much better option because they offer an art experience that is expressive, evocative and amusing. Also,they assure that you are getting the artworks at a very best price. The best part is these galleries embrace you by providing finest collection of art anytime, anywhere. You can also buy original art for sale on Indian Art Ideas that showcases exotic collection of affordable artworks along with the authenticity certificate that proves the originality of all our artworks.

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