How To Humanise Your Brand On Social Media

Social Media is a great tool to use to build relationships with your target audience. Are you looking to build stronger relationships on Social Media and do you know where to start? Engaging with your audience on Social Media on a meaningful level will help humanise your brand.

Here are some ways to help humanise your brand with Social Media:

Use a Natural Voice

People join social channels because they simply want to be entertained. No one wants to listen to business jargon and industry speak while they’re scrolling through their Twitter timeline or Facebook newsfeed. Engage with your customers in the same way you’d speak to friends.

Create a Unique Voice

Each person has their own way of talking that makes themselves unique. Similarly, brands need to develop their own personality on social media.

How To Humanise Your Brand On Social Media

Have a Sense of Humour

Humour is a simple and effective way to connect with your Social audience. The main factors you need to keep in mind when using humour are fun, control and information. You also need to be cautious of the type of humour that you use, ensuring you don’t hurt other people.

Combine In-store and Online Experiences

A lot of businesses struggle to cope with how to combine their online and offline activities. One approach is to create an offline experience that’s as close as possible to the online experience.

Own up to Mistakes

It’s perfectly fine to demonstrate your human side when managing social media channels. If your company makes a mistake, own up to it and be transparent to your customers about how you plan on fixing it. Acknowledging mistakes shows that we’re only human.

Partake in Conversation

Your businesses audience wants to be heard when they come to you with questions or concerns, but you can take it a step further and talk to them on a more casual, human basis. Small things like this will really benefit you as a business and will help you build relationships on social media channels.

Sign Your Posts

Adding a poster’s name to your social updates is a simple way to put a human face to your brand. The general idea is to give your audience a clear picture of the person they’re talking to and who has posted what, making those interactions even more personal.

Offer Solutions

By understanding your audience’s issues, you can connect with those people on social media channels in a more effective manner. Offer solutions to some of those issues and your audience will start seeing your brand in a more friendly way.

Give Your Customers a Surprise

Everyone enjoys surprises, especially when they come from those we like. Just like in a real life social situation, you can make your audience happy on social channels by treating them with something special. What do you think would make your audience happy? That’s the question to ask yourself.


Marketing through Social Media is about connecting with your target audience. Some brands do this effectively, and others less so. The reason that some fail is because they talk to their audience in a businesslike way, rather than attempting to connect on a deeper, human level.

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