How To Turn Part-time Business Staff Into Loyal Employees

Post recession, employment levels underwent significant shifts. Following a downturn in hiring, more positions began to open up for both permanent and part-time staff members.

Specifically, companies found that contract workers were a particularly helpful and cost-effective resource. This theory was supported by Jonas Prising, President of Manpower when he quoted “We’re looking at a 20% growth of temporary work,

a huge contributor to the improving job market.”

How To Turn Part-time Business Staff Into Loyal Employees

Studies have shown that number of new part-time hires greatly surpassed that of traditional, full-time employees. According to CareerBuilder, “forty-six percent of employers planned to hire temporary or contract workers in 2015, up from 42 percent last year.”

Although part-time workers can be beneficial to companies, they also raise several concerns that don’t necessarily apply to full-time employees. Contractual hires require greater management attention to time, deadlines, weekly or hourly wages etc. Problems must be solved in a way that is mutually beneficial so that part-time business staff remain loyal to the organization.

Managers have to adjust and work out every single detail in order to properly manage part-time staff. Ensuring that efficiency is not sacrificed in the name of precision is especially important to business success. We have listed below some points managers can keep in mind while considering part-time staff.

Fair Pay

According to labor laws, part-time workers are entitled to hourly wages and should be paid in full and final for whatever hours they work. Use a shift planner to schedule shifts easily and track hours that need to be compensated.

Egalitarian Treatment

Apart from a fair pay, treatment is also an important aspect that plays into personal motivation. Understand that they are also valuable members of the team whose presence and work are equally necessary for the growth of the company. A shift planner that can track requested time-off efficiently will lead to higher satisfaction in regards to work-life balance, and make the process for managers hassle-free.

Encourage Them

Instruction does much, but encouragement everything.” – Johann Wolfgang

You can retain your part time workers by encouraging them. Recognizing individual strengths and contributions to company success can motivate workers to continue to succeed. Furthermore, when workers perceive an environment to be nurturing or helpful, they are more likely to want to contribute to overall success.

Give Them Freedom

Space and freedom are necessary tools that are often overlooked for part-time workers. Although part-time staff members may not work the same hours as full-time staff members do, they still need to have an adequate work space for the hours that they are contributing to the company. Providing them with their own desks and space will make them feel more comfortable and productive.

Train Them

While many part-time staff members come to their roles with previous experience, introductory training is still crucial. This will provide them with clearer information about protocol and expectations. In addition to basic training, providing career enrichment opportunities that can help employees advance in their fields is mutually beneficial.

To conclude, part-time staff can remain loyal to its company organization through encouragement and equal treatment. You can use employee schedule software like to ensure that these goals are being met.

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