Information Technology Management

Most modern businesses are fully integrated with the latest hardware and software. This is mainly due to the ever increasing need to personalize, and distinguish one business from the other, in order to attract more clients and be ahead of the competition. Due to this, the need for information technology has been paramount, and has led to the creation of a new business sector in the form of Information Technology (IT) consulting. The function of these IT consulting firms, specifically IT consulting Brisbane, serve to advise businesses and offer a helping hand in order to adjust to a rapidly changing competitive landscape. In layman’s terms, IT consulting focuses on advising businesses on how best to use IT to achieve their objectives.  In addition to these, consulting firms also offer other services such as estimating, managing, and administering IT systems on behalf of their clients, which is commonly known as the practice of “Outsourcing”.

These firms are generally sought by businesses whenever there is a need to further upgrade the business, or take it to another stratum. During such projects, if the business manager does not have the adequate information to formulate a plan and a goal, they may turn to an IT consulting firm. It is also essential that these firms stay with the business from the beginning of the project till the very end, when the results would come into fruition and ultimately delivering customer satisfaction.

Information Technology Management

The need for more IT management

IT management is a practice in which all the IT resources of a particular firm are managed in accordance with its needs and priorities. The resources may vary from the tangible such as hardware, software and data networks to the intangible such as programs and the newly recruited members who assist in their general maintenance. The responsibilities of a typical IT manager of a firm usually include budgeting, staffing, organizing, controlling, and most importantly prioritizing the vital tasks at hand. Therefore, the key objective of proper IT management is to generate value through the use of the available technology.

The general duties involved with an IT manager include and not limited to the management of the cloud and the SaaS (Software as a Service), filing and storage systems, IT infrastructure security and especially backups and disaster recovery. Maintaining the data integrity can be vital to business operations, and ensuring that every single IT infrastructure contains the highest levels of security.

Another field that comes into question when regarding IT management is management information systems (MIS) which is linked to the automation the support of the human decision making process. On the other hand, IT management is related to management activities within organizations, whereas MIS is primarily focused on the business aspect.

Much emphasis is placed upon the creation of business strategies in IT management. This greatly aids in the value chain of an organization. For instance, a business can improve its tasks by having a network of relationships between its internal and external environments, whereas the involvement of technology into this equation vastly improves the overall value chain of the business. It is here where the duties of an experienced IT management consultant would come into action.

Management Consulting and other IT consulting services


Often, it is essential for businesses to seek advice on how to better improve their efficiency and methods. The role of a management consultant is to aid organizations improve their performance, usually operating by analyzing the organization’s current problems and developing new plans for improvement. Consultants are often the connection between information and knowledge, and they are influential in bringing the key issues of a business into light, and also providing the necessary solutions and safeguards against such problems in the future.

Other key services that an IT consulting firm would provide are audit services, onsite staff, migration solutions and most importantly, backup and disaster recovery. In this digital age, sensitive data may be corrupted or lost due to many reasons, most of which will include foul play. In the case of an online attack on a business’s database, such as the one which happened to US retail giant Target, where the hackers installed malware in order to gain illegal access to customer credit card and banking information, IT consultants must provide help so as to protect customer privacy and much more importantly, the store’s integrity.

Therefore, it is evident that IT consulting services offer a wide variety of services to businesses and individuals alike. The need for improved business practices, and robust safety standards is essential in order to survive and thrive in this modern age of information technology.

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