iPhone 6s Plus Survives Its First Bend Test

To recap the Bendgate, there was a problem with the iPhone 6 Plus, was the subject of many criticisms, Apple addressed the bend in iPhone is extremely rare, The smartphone, large and fine, sometimes in users pockets when they sat down. A very troublesome case for Apple at that time. Saying of only 9 customers contacted Apple in the first six days after its public release of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. And apparently, the Cupertino company has learned its lesson.

To prevent another “bendgate” from happening, manufacturer uses the 7000 series aluminum frame for its new terminals. This alloy actually provides a much higher level of resistance than other series and that is precisely why we find it on airplanes and rockets. The terminal actually looks stronger, at least if one believes the latest video posted by FoneFox.  iPhone 6S subjected to a first bending test. AppleInsider reported  the new Apple smartphones also a large force.

In a video Fonefox shows that with the body of the iPhone 6S slightly bent, but returns to its original position. Under similar circumstances were iPhone 6 and 6 have been seriously damaged or completely destroyed.

US consumer advocates took the incident even as an opportunity, a conduct standardized 3-point bending test. They noted that the iPhone 6 with a load of 70 American pounds (31,7 kg) loses its shape. Its predecessor iPhone 5 managed 130 pounds.

Other complaints regarding deformed iPhone-6 enclosures Apple has never expressed. According to information from ZDNet Apple bent device exchanges but also in this country from without hesitation.

Even more stability gets Apple’s latest smartphone by the display. The glass used for this Smartphone, according to Apple, not only the “strongest Smartphone glass in the world” but also the “most stable glass of smartphone industry”. Therefore that of Fonefox documented in the video bending test seems plausible.

And the test proves successful, the iPhone 6S more pressure resistant. The iPhone 6S seems much more solid. What avoid another bendgate? Hopefully.

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