Is PPC Really Worth It?

Using PPC to drive traffic can be a great benefit to your site. But you have to realize that there may be some possible downsides as well. If your campaign is set up incorrectly, then PPC can really end up being a big waste of money.

Are PPC Providers Like Google Adwords Worth it?

You should at least try Google Adwords to see if it’s going to be useful for your business. To see whether it’s worth it, you’ll need to set up tracking using Google Analytics and conversion tracking within Adwords so you can very clearly see what that paid traffic is doing for your bottom line. After setting up a campaign, make sure that all your tracking is in place.

If you’re doing E-commerce, then make sure that you have the E-commerce tracking set up within Google Analytics. Once you have your tracking setup, you can start to measure how much money your website is making from Adwords and all other sources of traffic. You then look at your analytics to see if PPC is providing a good ROI for you. A success would mean that you make more than you spend on Google Adwords and other PPC providers.

Is PPC Really Worth It?

Pick Your Keywords Wisely

Many people out there are wasting money and haphazardly going through the motions of setting up their campaigns because they don’t select the proper keywords. They haven’t done the hard work of making sure they’re using the keywords that apply to their business. Choosing the wrong keywords will wreck your ad budget, so be sure to pick niche-relevant search terms.

If you don’t have any organic ranking results in Google, it’s crucial to start a PPC campaign. Using a service like Google Adwords gives you some exposure in the search engines. If SEO is not practical for you, then you’re not likely to have many high organic rankings. This is where PPC (and specifically Adwords) can come in and give you a strong presence in the Google search results.

PPC requires constant campaign optimization. Once you find out what keywords are working, you can cut out the other keywords to increase your profit.

Use a Landing Page

The most important consideration of using PPC is sending people to the right page on your site. For example, you don’t want to drive someone to the homepage of your website.

You want to send them to a page on your site that’s very specifically focused on what you want them to accomplish. For some sites, this will be a PDF download, while others will want their visitors to fill out a form. Whatever it is, make sure it’s simple for your visitors to accomplish.

Paid traffic providers like Google Adwords can be very effective, but they also can be a big waste of money. If you don’t have any experience with PPC, it can be helpful having a mentor setup a campaign for you. If they’re not going to manage your campaign, then they can at least show you how to set it up and manage it yourself. PPC can be a real negative experience if it’s not done correctly.

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