Is Social Networking Apps Dangerous For Young Teens?

The modern technology has invented an unbelievable piece of technology which is known as social media. Now everyone has social media accounts and also use different social media networking apps on their smartphones. Teens and tweens, in particular, are the most regular users of social messaging apps in the contemporary world. They get connected with their friends, family members from the different part of the world and even to those people whom they don’t know in their real lives. They also communicate with the people for different reasons for business purposes and for having relations. They also use social media apps in order to reach out to people who share their interests and passion in their lives. Having all the benefits of digital media it has its darker side too. That could be very dangerous and nasty especially for young kids and teens. Resultantly, it can harm teens and tweens live no time ever before.  

Is Social Networking Apps Dangerous For Young teens

Why Social Media Apps are dangerous for teens?

There are plenty of cell phone spy apps available on the web, which enables young users to get exactly which they usually looking for; the capacity to talk privately with friends and to the strangers and parents don’t have a clue what they are up to, they sent text messages, media files in the shape of photos and videos, chats and conversations and there are also some apps that allow users to stay anonymous. These trendy social media apps are Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Whatsapp, Twitter, Line, Viber, Instagram and many others alike. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to monitor the top trendy instant messengers. Let’s discuss the teenage girl Nicole Lovell incident, who was used to of instant messaging apps on their smartphone. The communication between the Nicole and their online friends was hidden from the parents and finally one day she left her home without the consent of their parents and after a couple of days, she found dead.

Using Screen as a shelter

Most of the teens and tweens are using a screen of smartphones as a cover or shelter and do nasty things anonymously. They share racy, adult and semi-nude pictures to other users online and talk about the things which they cannot discuss privately face to face with anyone. They also share information which they think that discussing it privately would be better than facing someone in real life. But it might be possible that they don’t realize that predators, stalkers, cyber bullies, and pedophilias are doing the same which they are doing, having a cover behind the screen in the shape of cell phone device and talk to others. Jhon Clark, a father of young teenagers has discovered that her young daughter had a contact with the sex traffickers. The young teens were in contact with the evils for months through Snapchat.  

Trend of Body shaming

The body shaming has become the tragedy and headache for kids and teens in the modern world because they have the serious addiction of it. You may have seen young kids and teens too much skinny and too much fatty in body shapes. On another hand, the social messaging apps are playing the huge role and enable teens and tweens to make their pictures more beautiful with the help different features of the instant messaging apps. Finally, they got the obsession, eating disorders and also suicidal thoughts when they don’t measure to get those standards which their peers have. There are many apps such as Instagram which allow teens and tweens to make photos more charming than in real life. So, parents can protect teens from Instagram menaces through Instagram spy.

What should Parents do?

Having complete awareness about the dangers of social media and the social messaging apps, parents need to monitor the all the social apps which they are currently using on their phones. Don’t allow your child to use phones at bed times. If you have feeling that something is really going wrong, use TheOnespy cell phone spy app on your kids and teen’s device, rather than just thinking to fix the issue that’s gone wrong. The cell phone monitoring app allows parents to track all the instant messaging apps through its IM’s social media. It enables the user to view IM’s logs, chats, conversations, media sharing and VOIP calls. It also enables parents to track the messages, calls of kids and teens cell phones. Parents can also track the GPS location of the child by using the GPS location tracker. Parents can protect teens by making their own monitoring preferences; they can block incoming calls, block text messages, and block the internet remotely. This will allow parents to protect teens from all digital media dangers.  


Trendy social media apps have dozens of benefits, but also have the dark side which can harm teens. Therefore, parents should use the cell phone monitoring software to protect teens from online dangers.

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