It’s Time To Manage Your Data

If you’re a frequent user of the Internet and you take advantage of email, then you likely have several contacts saved within your email platform. Even if you don’t have any saved, you can go back through them and extract this data. These are businesses and people who want to be in contact with you, and there’s a good chance your company can partner with them in a way that brings profit to both you and them.

As for businesses, there’s no denying that data is at the center of all operations. Whether it be contacting a client for a follow up or networking with leads that are most likely to use your service or product, your accessible data will determine which business activities need to be performed to achieve your organizational goals. So you should be asking yourself is my data being properly managed?

It's Time To Manage Your Data

Practices for Proper Data Center Management

If you think managing your data center is going to be overly expensive, keep in mind the many incentives and special promotions offered by utility companies to businesses that implement methods for reducing power and operating expenses. Effective data center management revolves around energy conservation and efficiency, and this is regardless of the location and size of your data center.

To ensure you achieve this goal, the cooling resources available to you must be controlled at all times. Most data centers, however, don’t tap into all of their resources and equipment options. This leads to what is referred to as “flooding” their centers, and this significantly increases energy consumption because all cooling units are running at all times. To avoid this issue, check out these tips for reducing the power used to operate your cooling resources.

Another method for reducing power consumption and achieving optimal energy efficiency is monitoring cold aisles. But once again according to surveys, most data centers fail to monitor the aisles as consistently as they should be. When spot monitoring takes place in only a few locations, this leads to existing legacy data being negatively effected. By deploying sensors and consistent monitoring, areas that are being overcooled can be pinpointed and efficiency-gain practices can be performed.

Lastly, evaluating any and all IT load demands will help facilitate an operating a data center that sustains energy efficiency and consumption. With data centers being built around practices and resources that focus on maximum IT capacity, this means that uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) may be using too much energy until the IT loads hit their maximum. With staged loading, however, you can build out your data center, which ensures the most appropriate-sized UPS are being used.

Is your data center using too much energy? If it is, this is hurting your bottom line and reducing your profit margins. More importantly, when data centers don’t operate as maximum efficiency, this results in the data not being used to its full advantage. It’s time to start managing your data center better.

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Data centers provide numerous advantages, but only if they are being properly managed.

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