Know Important Things About Application Testing In Mobile Phones

With the invention of telephones, verbal communication bridge between people has really vanished and with the introduction of mobile phones our life has become extremely easier. Mobile phones are no more just a synonym of device that is used for talking with your dear ones but it is much more than that.

There are a number of useful applications that people use on their mobiles for various reasons. Earlier, applications were designed only for computers but with the change in time and advancement in technology a number of applications are now designed specially to run on mobile phones.

Know Important Things About Application Testing In Mobile Phones

Hardware and Software Testing of Phones

Hardware testing of a phone is simply about checking the parts and processors of the phone that includes camera, Bluetooth, internal processor, etc. Software testing of phone basically includes testing of applications present in the phone. To test software, one must have the knowledge about which type of software it is.

There are certain types of mobile applications, but the broadly divided types are- Native apps, Mobile web apps and hybrid apps. All the three mobile application types vary with each other significantly. For instance, installation is required in native apps but not in mobile web apps.

Aspects of Mobile Testing

To test mobile apps there are certain aspects that are considerable such as the handset type and company, the size of the screen, network connections available, memory size, etc. Testing of mobile apps is quite different than computer applications testing.

A mobile app is tested on certain criteria. There exist a number of testing types for mobile apps such as

  • Performance testing for checking the performance of the app on different internet connections,
  • compatibility testing for various handsets,
  • usability testing to test the ease of use for users,
  • Services testing,
  • security testing,

Considerable Testing Strategies

A strong testing strategy is very much needed for a mobile app if you really want to make the best use of the app after installing it in your mobile. For this purpose, one can employ emulators in the initial developmental stage of an app. There are various emulators such as browser emulator, a device emulator, etc. that can be used.

Testing methods based on cloud computing is also one of the smart strategies to get the mobile apps tested. The main advantage of using this technology is you can access the device from any place and it enables a number of devices to run the same script at the same type. You can also use manual or automatic mobile app testing strategies to serve the purpose.

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