Mobile SEO Strategy For Online Businesses

Smartphones are interesting things and they can help us to call friends from any place. We no longer need to go to the phone booth when we are outside our home. In fact, many children don’t know that there were once stationary home phones, because they don’t exist in many houses anymore. Mobile devices are more like tiny computing devices and they can actually make us smarter with their more complex interactivity and technical details. Statistically, there are more smartphones in the world today than people. So we could imagine that smartphones have integrated quite deep into our society and there could be no ways we could let them go. For example, businesses people could find it a huge opportunity to use smartphones to deliver their services and goods to many millions of people. Once we configure our website, the next things we should do is to offer better shopping experience and achieve best rankings to ensure much better traffics.

We should know what web crawlers could do in the web and they are constantly scouring the web for additional information. Search engines are essentially codes that propagate in the web and they are designed specifically to put proper pages on the search ranking. Google has developed its own complex search algorithm and it has a secret “recipe” on how their bots determine the most authentic and informative pages in the web for specific search keywords and keyphrases. There are many people who try to fool Google’s system. They could defeat the algorithm temporarily and achieve better rankings, but Google regularly revamps its algorithm and there were some rather notorious updates like the Penguin and Panda that slam many websites to lower rankings on the web.

Mobile SEO Strategy For Online Businesses

For this reason, businesses users who create websites dedicated for mobile consumers should also consider how search engine crawlers could work. It is a bad idea to try to fool these codes. Although they are not actually intelligent, the resourceful software engineers behind them could quickly apply more effective updates that will counter any bad intentions.

One very common recommendation is to grab as many inbound links as possible. However, there are certain rules that we need to follow. We shouldn’t find links from bad places because they could ruin our rankings. Many online businesses that are based on mobile implementation faced their quick demise because they are unable to grasp basic facts of linkbuilding techniques. There’s no way we would lose a huge sum of money just because of a slight oversight. Mobile linkbuilding techniques are basically similar to what we do for desktop-based websites. These links should arrive from trusted sources and with correlated information that can be linked with our pages.

Many web developers are facing the mobile dilemma when they try to choose a good strategy. Some of them prefer to choose responsive web design with JavaScript or CSS, which can scale to any desktop resolution. The extra style sheets should make it far easier to handle any mobile version of website.

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