OnePlus 2 Out Now….Want To Buy??? The Best Things In One Plus 2

We have been waiting for the arrival of the new flagship killer from the One Plus manufacturer’s, it was already known The One Plus Two officially now available for purchase. People around the world has been waiting for this amazing phone form promising Chinese manufacturers, who always says we do what people wants. The invitations already sent out and registrations are also started for the device on its official sales page, the device was unveiled on Monday in first time ever VR press conference. There were many rumours and expected configurations spread over the web for few months. Now the device is official made out, so check out the best things about the device here now.

OnePlus 2 Out Now....Want To Buy??? The Best Things In One Plus 2

The device priced this time little higher than its predecessor, but its not much bigger figure when you compare with other flagships of this year. Yes! The price that made the device unique and extraordinary one from other devices. The price varies from the device you are going purchase, the 16GB model comes with 3GB RAM for just $329, whereas 64GB variant with 4GB RAM comes around $389. These both devices are pretty amazing with specification and price tag. Isn’t it fascinating??, when you get awesome specs device in lower price tags.

One plus still continuing to provide best feature design at lower prices, the One two will have a sandstone back with a premium look and feel. we will find the decent metal edges with removable back cases, this is one more best option we can like. This time, manufacturers tried to provide more premium look to the device. The wooden back case absolutely makes the device looks go to heights in premium looks but there no major noticeable changes made.

OnePlus 2 Out Now....Want To Buy??? The Best Things In One Plus 2

People who attend the unveiling of One Plus Two told that the camera is another best feature in the device, it’s going to be a highlight point later. The few sample pics were taken at the session revealed that camera is going to give tough competition to the Galaxy S6 and Lg G4 devices. The camera captured stunning images with HD resolutions.

The USB port type C is placed in the device which is another killing feature in the device in this budget range. The next generation USB will allow the date flow rate to higher speeds and quick charging the battery. you can connect the USB in both upside down without any hesitation because of USB type C reversible connectivity supporting feature.

OnePlus 2 Out Now....Want To Buy??? The Best Things In One Plus 2

The device runs on Lollipop based Oxygen OS, many people not big fans of Oxygen OS. But it may help the device, because of the Oxygen OS modules. It supports the gesture-friendly version, with ultimate inbuilt features like audio tuners, shelf feature, in beta and other optional features. The Oxygen Os runs the device with smoother and faster responses. The device came with a finger print scanner for the security purpose, the scanner place under the home button which will respond with quick. This time the manufacturer provided the much bigger battery which will help to have extra time for the users.

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