Pros and Cons Of Buying Gaming Laptop

Over the past few years, gaming has been changed drastically. Evolution of gaming can only be described by a gamer itself concisely. Earlier, people used to play on a video controller from that time to today’s PS generation lot of changes has appeared tremendously.

It totally depends on a individual choice what he/she would prefer a gaming laptop, a pc or a ps. The gaming laptop has gained lot of reputation in several years as the technology evolved better and stronger.

In today’s time, games are lot more heavier and graphically enhanced that they need a stronger technology for running. If you’re a kind of person who prefer laptop for gaming over computer or other devices that are available to serve the same purpose. Then, you should be fully aware about pros and cons of buying gaming laptop.

So before you make a purchase lets just discuss what are the pros and cons of having gaming laptop  :-

Pros and Cons Of Buying Gaming Laptop


Cheaper than the desktop

Yes! Gaming laptops are cheaper than the desktop which people purchase to meet the same objective. Desktop tends to cost more money as each part of the desktop needs to be customized most probably. Where on the other side, the most powerful gaming laptop cost less money than desktop. So, if you’re not in a position to spend that much money on desktop than laptop is a great option to go for. Moreover, you can get great discount online on laptop purchase.

Ready to go

When you choose to buy pc over laptop it becomes quite a hectic process in compare to laptop. Desktop is technically prepared by the engineers as per your requirement. After that you need to assemble the parts on your own. In addition, during the making process you have to be very careful about the parts that you will be needing for gaming. In case of laptop, just buy your machine and get started with your games immediately.


Although, there is no need of mentioning this but still laptop is a portable device which can be carried anywhere easily. This means, you can simply play the game on a run. Doesn’t matter either you are on a flight or train? No worries, just take your laptop with you and continue with the mission you left last night.


Performance issue

The price you are going to pay for the laptop can also build you a gaming computer which will be better in context to performance. Gaming laptops tends to use the graphics and technology which sometime use in smartphones. As well as, gaming laptop lack when it comes to performance as they heat and needs fan to cool down. This provide much less performance specially for the games that has high graphic needs.

Small screen

You can experience the gaming to its best when the screen is bigger in size. Laptop do not have a bigger screens as they are restricted to 15 or 18 inches the most. So, pc will be the better option in this scenario.


As compare to other usual laptops gaming laptops are heavy and bulkier as they need space for exhaust fans to control the heat. While the new laptops are very sleek and stylish that can be carried easily.

Repairing cost

When it comes to repair, gaming laptops repairing charges are expensive than the computer repair in Hamilton Technician need to open the entire laptop even for a smaller task where computer repair can be done in ease separately. As well as it is very difficult to find expert technician who know about gaming laptops precisely. Although, if you live in hamilton you will get great computer repair shop over there.  

Bottom line

Everyone has their own personal choices, both laptop and desktop is been used by gamers across the globe. The device in which you feel more comfortable should be the  preferable one.

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