Security Features Of Windows 10

After the debacle of Windows 8 and 8.1, no one expected that Windows 10 will be accepted by the consumers with such open arms. With many corporations utilizing a lot of their resources in countering cyber attacks, the safety features added on this Microsoft’s OS are appealing. With numerous security features that are incorporated within the OS, Windows 10 provides your data the much-needed security.

Security Features Of Windows 10

By adapting an innovative IT structure, Microsoft has established itself as the frontrunner in the industry. Microsoft took a bold step by investing extravagantly on this OS after the failure of 2 OS back to back. It is now safe to say that their risk paid off well. Also, you will be surprised to know the kind of security enhancing features added by Microsoft in Windows 10, which is one of the most prominent reason that millions of corporations are switching their OS to the latest version of Windows.

Device Guard

This feature of Windows 10 allows the system administrator to lock down the entire system in one go. When you enable the device guard in your system, it allows only trusted and certified applications to run and make changes to your system. This is vital when your system is encountering a technical glitch due to a previously installed third party application.

Device Guard quarantines all the applications that are not mentioned in its list. However as the administrator of the system, you can add and delete applications in the Device Guard list.

Window Hello

Unavailability of a system password is one of the leading reason for the theft of data. To encounter this issue, Windows 10 comes with a pre-installed biometric system. If your desktop or laptop is equipped with a finger print scanner, then you can avail the benefits of this feature. Apart from finger print and facial recognition, the image of your retina can also be used as the password of your workstation. This feature enhances the security of your data by many folds.


This feature is still in its testing phase. Even though it has been incorporated in the Windows 10 OS. However, most users are yet to avail its full potential. Upon enabling the passport feature, a single user can navigate in various networks upon a single authentication test. This feature is extremely useful when numerous Pcs have Windows 10, and they all are connected to one another.

Secure Boot

Secure boot was developed with the vision of enhancing the security of your system. Upon enabling this feature, you will be able to turn on your device only after authorizing the OS and media. The attached firmware works after it is validated by the system’s OS. If you attach a new firmware and do not add it to the list, then you won’t be able to use it.

Lock Folder and Files

However, if you still feel that the data in your system is not secure. You can buy Lock Folder and Files. This Software from Nexsols is very efficient and locks files and folders at the kernel root level. If you lock a file using it, then any intruder won’t be able to find the data even after using the most advanced search software.

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