The Easiest Way EVER To Manage Your Real Estate Billing

Are you tired of scrutinizing your utility bill? Tired of arguing over errors? Aren’t there better things you could be doing with that time? Then let your fingers do a quick walk to arrange for online utility bill payment.

The Easiest Way EVER To Manage Your Real Estate Billing

How Things Got Started

As is often the case, notes scribbled on a beer coaster culminate into a great business. For two busy professionals tired of writing and dropping off checks, the idea of an easier, faster, more convenient way became their passion. After 13 years, these two gentlemen are at the helm of the leading provider of online payments, resident billing, and utility expense management tools for property management companies.While there are offices in San Diego and Chicago, you can own property anywhere and use online services providing.

How it Works

If your residents pay their bills ala carte as rent, utilities and fees, imagine the smile you’ll see when you tell them everything is consolidated into one bill that they can pay online. With the resident billing feature, you can include everything into your resident utility billing in one easy statement. Your renters  will love the convenience, and you will love the ease and simplicity of recouping your expenses.

Get your utility bill professionally scrutinized before paying the bottom line. With nearly 40 percent of resident utility billing containing errors, you’ll have happy residents saving money and you’ll avoid the hassle of going to the utility company yourself.

Payments are made easily with a few clicks. Your residents can use a credit card or an e-check to pay their bills and rent, using any device, 24/7. Residents will enjoy the simplicity of a one-time payment or setting up recurring payments. And if your renters prefer using cash, payments can conveniently be made at one of 25,000 locations using a checkless payment system that converts their cash payment into an electronic one safely and securely.

For even more accurate online utility bill payment, the sub metering systemensures residents pay only for the utilities they use. Alarms to alert for any unusual usage or suspicious meter readings are also covered.

Serviced Properties

Whether you are a single-family dwelling landlord or own a corporate housing development,

your life is made easier with all services for online utility bill payment. The same is true if you are the proud owner of a multi-family unit or have a homeowner’s association established. And if you own more than one, imagine the time-savings of setting everything up online.

No matter what kind of property owner you are, large or small, one or a dozen, you’ll enjoy incredible savings using online resident utility billing services. Not only will you save time – your own and your employees, you may notice savings on your utility bills due to mistakes that you can pass along to your residents. Once you break out your utility bills from the rent, you may notice an increase in revenue by having the residents pay for every drop of water and watt of energy they use, but fairly and accurately assessed. Isn’t it time to free yourself up from the drudgery of paper, utility bills and lost checks? Get everything done online, today!

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