The Importance Of Growing An Online Reputation Intelligently

If someone was to predict 30 years ago that most of us would be shopping on something called the Internet and using portable phones to play games, they would have looked at you askance and wondered if you were drunk. Of course, nowadays all of this is a daily occurrence in many parts of the world and we rarely question it.

One of the key developments in marketing during the last few decades has been the uptake of the web as a means of communicating and locating information. To supplant this online movement, the prevalence of broadband and Wi-Fi technologies has enabled easy access almost anywhere in the world.

The Importance Of Growing An Online Reputation Intelligently
In many ways, social media platforms mark a key method of divulging information on the modern web. Words such as “Like” and “Follower” have become an indispensable part of our language, by describing the ways in which these social networks aggregate and manage relationships between people. In an effort to take advantage of marketing opportunities, businesses and self-promoting individuals have seized upon social platforms, like Instagram, to build their online brand reputation and attract new customers.

The Importance of Relevancy : Social media is really a numbers game. The idea is to attract new followers to one’s account in order to share with them the latest promotions, products, and business news. With the proliferation of these social networks and the fact that one can follow or become a fan of anyone else at the click of a button, the quality of one’s followers is extremely relevant to marketers and businesses.

Even with an actively engaged Instagram account, one might well ask the question: are some of my followers simply there to promote themselves? Are they even interested in what my business is selling? Even though these are perfectly valid questions in an age when socialising increasingly means following various online accounts, it is wise to see beyond the numbers game and see what other opportunities these Instagram followers represent.

Seeing Beyond the Numbers : It is important to understand that not all followers are there to buy your products and to add to your profits. Despite this sobering fact, not all online marketing is just about the customer relationship. Some of those followers might very well present an opportunity for a great new business collaboration; they may be able to offer an insight into what other businesses in your niche are doing; or they may simply provide inspiration at a time when your business needs it most.

The web is a very large place, and whilst it is undoubtedly important to generate new business by engaging with customers over social media platforms, it is also important to recognise that your followers may present other opportunities that are just as crucial to your business. Everyone understands that social media marketing is a numbers game where one needs to reach a critical mass of followers in order to see any measurable results, but there is also great opportunity beyond the numbers themselves. It is important not to miss it!

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