Things Should Know Before Buying LED Lights Online

Are you looking to replace normal light with LED lights in your home? It is a right decision, which makes much sense because even the initial cost of LED lights is high but they are much cheaper than conventional lighting solutions. When you are running a business, it surely makes you save more money. Nowadays, you can buy LED light, which can be replacements for 0.5W, tube lights and street light solutions. Before buying a LED light online, you need to know certain things. Here are things you should know when buying the right LED lights for your office or home.

Things Should Know Before Buying LED Lights Online

Lumens, not watts:

Common belief among people about wattage is an indication of brightness but it is a measurement of how energy that bulb draws. For traditional bulb, an acceptance correlation exists between watts and brightness but for LEDS watts are not a predictor of how much brightness that bulb produces.

Choosing a right color:

LED bulb is capable of displaying an impressive color that ranges from purple to red and to spectrum of yellow. For home, you can choose a color similar to incandescent bulb produce. For an office, you need to choose bright color LED bulbs. The color temperatures measured in a unit named as Kelvin (K). A warm yellow light produces a lower color temperature with around 3000K that gives a comfortable atmosphere. On the other hand, cool blue light provides higher color temperature with around 5000K that are more energizing.

Different shapes and size of LED bulbs:

In, you can buy different shapes and sizes of LED bulbs at a reasonable price according to your requirements. LED bulbs look costly when it increases its size as well as shape but it is worth for your money. If you want to buy other kinds of lights rather LED you can see Lights OK site.

Lifespan of the bulb:

Lifespan is another important factor when buying LED lights. Some LED lights may long last up to 17 years even if you use daily so it is always worth for money. To know more details online about buying LED and other lights, please check the above-mentioned website.

Any Innovations in LED:

Nowadays, LED bulbs also come with many innovations such as controlled wirelessly through Bluetooth, set up timers to switch on or off, and change colors. Hence, you should decide bulb that you need before buying LED bulb online.

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