Things You Need To Know About EDGE Browser

We got big news out from Microsoft its changing the methods of using the explorer, the internet browser that has been with Microsoft. The internet explorer is no more, now it is all changing. Microsoft announced new browser its working on, the project called the Spartan has been going now to create a full-fledged browser, which almost does job like other browsers and gives a tough competition to them. This browsed aimed to provide fast surfing with a high security to the users; developers are running after a fresh design for the browser. Here is the list of the things you need to know about this latest browser from Microsoft.


The developers are pushing the browser development to new levels to provide the best possible security to users. Previously the internet explorer has failed to provide many security concerns, now they are making the browser to accomplish all the security concerns. The new methods applied in browsers changes the way of security, providing by the browser to users, it makes you enter a one time password, which gives authentication, the passport technology or mechanism has implemented in this new browser. This makes you suffer from not entering id and passwords into a phishing pages or sites.


Edge is going to comprise the new standards of all internet browsers following. Now it supports HTML5 and Java scripts, which becomes a huge advantage for EDGE. A new rendering engine is implemented in the EDGE, which is called Microsoft EDGEHTML; it renders the all web standards and protocols available now. The new standard implementation makes the browser run all the websites with smooth and neat representation.

Things You Need To Know About EDGE Browser

On Windows 10?

This may be confirmed by authorities yet, some rumors are spread that EDGE will replace the Internet Explorer in Upcoming windows 10 OS. But officially it was announced as the App, EDGE is an app that comes with windows 10 OS. It may or may not replace the internet explorer as far new came but it will be a default browser in windows 10 OS.

Extensions Support

Until now, IE has never able to run extension of other browsers or it wasn’t happier to proceed with the extension methods. However, EDGE becomes a game changer for Microsoft, it support extensions from both Chrome and Firefox. Its adapting totally new methods of supporting the extensions, it runs the every page browsed by the EDGE render inside the App space. It also supports the tool bars including the VML, ActiveX, VBScript and BHOs.

Multi Tabs

In IE we have seen many problems in opening multiple tabs at once because of the IE, working principles, Now this has been eliminated the EDGE supports the Tabs functionalities we can open the tabs in numbers, work on different tabs freely.

Integrating with Cortana

The voice responded, which is successfully running on many devices now, also placed in the edge browser. This Cortana will listen to you voice search commands and return results to you immediately, it’s quite fun and very useful application we will get in this EDGE browser.

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