Tips and Tricks: How To Generate Leads Through Social Media

Social media has taken the world of marketing to a whole new level. Today, it is not only used to promote brands, but has become a significant channel to generate leads as well. The reasons that make social media an extremely useful channel are pretty simple.

First of all, social media is cost-effective that means you don’t need to spend millions of dollars to connect with the intended audience. Secondly, social media is more like a one-on-one mode of communication which is favorable to all types of businesses.

Even if you own a start-up that can’t afford expensive offline marketing campaigns, social media can turn out to be a legit solution for generating potential leads.

But, to really make it happen, you should know some effective tips and tricks.

Therefore, I have jot down absolutely proven and results-driven techniques that will surely help you make the most out of every social platform.

Tips and Tricks: How To Generate Leads Through Social Media

  • Engage Your Audience through Visual Content

Writing a captivating caption or tweet and publishing it across social networks is simply not a way to accomplish targets. Instead, you need to concentrate more on engaging your prospect. And, it is only possible with high quality visual content.

Visual content becomes the center of attraction and compels the audience to take action. For instance, you can share quotations in the form of images and publish your content in the form of infographics.

You can also use SlideShare for shaping up your blog in an effective manner. Remember, you don’t need to avoid even a single opportunity to convert a random person to a potential lead.

  • Be the Source of Education through Webinars

If you want to win your audience, be their source of education. For instance, if you own a digital agency that provides digital solutions to SMBs, then instead of promoting your services, educate your audience through webinars.

Come up with some trendy topics, tips, guidelines and tutorials to quench the thirst of your followers. Believe me or not, but people associated with the field of marketing are always crazy to learn new techniques.

Fortunately, webinar is a wonderful source that can become a strong bridge to connect with the audience. Not only this, you can also guide your prospects to take actions by sharing valuable information through each webinar.  Sounds great, right?

  • Run Contests and Offer Giveaways

Want to increase the curiosity of your audience? Run contests on your social profiles. Brands that create interesting contests on regular basis get more chances to capture attention of their potential audiences.

The best example is Oreo. I know you must have tried this cookie quite several times. Now, if you check out the social profiles of Oreo, you will get a brilliant idea of how a brand should engage its audience through contests.

Contests not only entertain people, but also create a better and positive image of a brand in front of them.

So, what are you waiting for? Implement the aforementioned tips and transform your brand’s social profiles to money making machines.

Author Bio:

Sarah Pike is working as a Senior Social Media Marketer at an Essay Writing Services firm in UK. She has been serving this industry for over five years. Apart from work, she likes to read fictitious books.

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