Tying Content And Social Media Marketing Together

It only makes sense that continuity between website creative content and social media pages will help to increase your business exposure. Repeat your same company user name for your website, landing pages, blogging sites, and yes, your social media pages as well. You want increased visibility and recognizability, having the same identifiers in all areas of the internet helps tie your posts, event notices, and blogs to your company.

This also helps your loyal customers find you easily and new readers will not be confused about if your company is the one they saw mentioned online in the past. This is not a time to be shy about tooting your own horn, if your company received an award, hired new talent, developed a new product, coordinate his news with a website blog, a new informational landing page, perhaps a news release, e-Mail announcement and Facebook and Twitter Posts.

Move your Company into the Limelight of Activity

Register your company website with exceptional media locators like StumbleUpon.com. This is free publicity at its finest. Service websites like StumbleUpon.com collect the best pages on the internet and users can request their preferences in photos, stories, webpages, and videos. Your posts will be suggested to people who are actually looking for your type of content. Obviously, you are going to need to grow into developing company videos with interesting twists, events, and celebrations.

Funny or spectacular photos that can also be posted on your Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, and on your website photo gallery.  Whatever your product or service, loyal customers will be interested in silly costumes at a company Halloween party, promotion celebrations, community volunteering events with your employees participating, and even sporting events like ski trips, conventions and retreat competitions.

Tying Content And Social Media Marketing Together

Take the Advantage of a Blog Topic and Share it on all Your Social Media Channels

You probably have company blogs and announcements already written that just need to be updated or enhanced in some way to pump up the original information. Once you get them onto your webpage BLOG pages, you need to post about them on your Social Media Posts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and the rest.

Mention them by saying something like “For more information about XYZ, check out our company website at http://www.——. Then add a short blurb within each new Blog that refers to the information by saying “If you enjoyed this article, blog, photo gallery – whatever, “Like Us” on Facebook”, or Follow Us on Twitter, or LinkedIn or Pinterest…anywhere on the internet that they can find you. This connect your companies’ fun side with your business side, and you will start gaining a reputation as a Thought Leader within your business industry.

The popularity of Freelance writers and content creation platforms online is continually growing because their main objective is to help companies of all kinds, large and small, keep regularly posting content and updating their blogs and articles to keep hungry readers informed about industry benefits, advantages, and innovations. Having a company reputation for participating in community events and celebrations also has a strong impact in developing customer relationships and loyalties.

Providing Social Share Buttons

One website update that can make a significant difference with your readers and increase traffic to your website is the automatic share buttons. For every social media channel you register with and provide posts on, there is a button you should embed within your webpages so a reader that enjoys something they found on your site can be shared with their Social Media friends with just a click of the logo button. This will generate a whole new stream of interested readers that can find your website and become possible customers.

One detail about setting up your buttons and posting on your social media channels, if you use a post shortening program like Bit.ly, the link back to your page is shortened to look more professional. This is also a key to getting free analytics from the company about your website visitor behaviors like where they found your site, how they navigated to your site and what the searched for while they were on your site. This kind of data can have great benefits each year as you plan a marketing strategy based on what is working and what is not.

David is the president of Matrix Marketing and has been a part of Search and Social since ‘99 – I’m currently working with an amazing new Social Management company, IntellaSphere! You can see more of my writing there or follow me on twitter @neoblog.

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