Upcoming Futuristic Phones of 2016 worth the Wait

2015 has been a good year for smartphones with a lot of new names taking unprecedented leaps in the technological world and making a name for themselves. Long gone are the days when only Apple and Samsung led the foray of good phones as a lot of new players are changing the game bringing high end phones at a good budget which is what makes them popular amongst a larger audience. The coming year seems all the more promising when it comes to mobile launches.

Check out these upcoming mobile endeavours we can’t wait for in the year 2016:

HTC One M10

HTC has already won quite a few fans this year and it seems they’ll be riding the wave next year as well. HTC is all set to launch its next flagship model- the HTC One M10 sometime around April next year. The HTC One M10 will be succeeding the M9 series with quite a few upgrades. One of the biggest upgrades is the addition of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset which will surely make the phone extremely quick and responsive to work with. Along with the chipset comes a 4GB RAM for higher productivity and performance. The phone is said to have a 3500 mAh battery for long battery life and 64 and 128GB memory expansion options. As for the camera, the phone is all set to give its users a 27MP primary camera which is quite grand. All in all, this is surely one of the most awaited launches.


Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi is one of the most popular phones in the Indian market right now mostly for providing incredulous features at a price which doesn’t bother your pocket much. The Xiaomi Mi6 is all set to launch next year and is surely one of the most awaited phones. The phone will offer an Ultra HD screen with a Super AMOLED display with brilliant resolution that will dazzle you for sure. It’s going to run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset along with a 4GB RAM For incredible speed. It’s going to have a super powerful 4200 mAh battery back up along with a 21MP primary camera and a 13MP secondary camera making it all the more desirable. Till you wait for the new Mi 6 to hit the market, make use of amazon india coupons to get your hands on the newly launched Redmi Note 4G Prime which again is a winner of a phone.


Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung has garnered a huge number of fans with its S6 that it’s all set to launch the Samsung Galaxy S7 to give fans something further to be thrilled about. The S7 will be running on a Quad Core Processor with 6 or 8GB RAM which is one of the finest specifications on any phone available. What makes this phone all the more dazzling is its 5.5 inch 4K screen for absolutely spectacular display. The phone is expected to launch in April but for the features it’s said to offer, one can only hope for April to arrive sooner. Till then you can indulge in flipkart offers to get your hands on the Samsung S6 which again is a finely built phone.


OnePlus Three

The OnePlus Three is yet another spectacular phone we cannot wait for to see the light of day. The phone’s all set to launch with a 5.5 Ultra HD screen which will leave you hooked. It runs on a 4400 mAh battery to give you great battery life. As for the internals, the phone is set to have a Snapdragon 820 Processor along with a 5GB RAM which will surely promise speed beyond compare. For photography, the phone will have a 21MP primary camera along with a 13MP secondary camera for brilliant outtakes. The specifications surely are promising and one can just count down days till its launch.


Be sure to keep a look out for these amazingly incredible smartphones that are all set to launch in 2016 and are stirring up heat already!

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