WeatherBug App: The Concept And Misconceptions! How To Install & Uninstall?

Now get live streaming of weather report, the weather forecast for that very day and next few weeks, live weather news and reports and many more things by just one click away.  You can now search for the weather forecast local and national, by downloading this app.

WeatherBug App: The Concept And Misconceptions! How To Install & Uninstall?

You are going out and suddenly on the midway you find that there is some storm, rain or weather mishap. This hampers your day as well work. This weather bug app finds out the perfect day for your outings and meetings. The concept of these weather apps are that it tells you correct weather for the day, hour and that very minute.

One of the misconceptions thought of is that the weather app only tells you about the current or daily weather, but you can also find out the climate and weather details and forecast for next week, rather this crazy app will show you the weather forecast for almost next ten days or so.

How to Install?

You are just a few steps away from installing this application on your phones. You also get the desktop version of this application so that it can run on your laptop or desktop just in case you do not have your mobile phone in front of you. You need to search Google for “weather bug application.”

And, you are just a few clicks away by downloading this application. This amazing application, when downloaded, you will get to know more about its crazy features.

Not only does this application shows the forecast for the particular city, but also tells you the national weather forecast. When opening this application, you will find a satellite map for your city and other cities as well. By clicking here, you can search for the “current weather forecast” for your city or for that place where you are traveling.

If this is not enough for you, we also have this amazing feature called “lifestyle” for you. Under this section, you find some amazing articles and blogs which will keep you updated about the dust, humidity and other levels of air. Not only this, to your surprise, you will find once you install this app, which there are several short articles written about health, for example how to take care if you are allergic to dust or pollen grains in the dust? And more such amazing stuff.


  • Future weather forecast
  • Daily weather forecast
  • Current weather forecast
  • National weather forecast
  • Forecast comparison
  • Local allergies caused due to changing weather
  • Pollen forecast
  • Satellite maps
  • Air quality
  • Alerts for weather
  • Weather details
  • Spark lighting
  • Rainfall

Above are few of the added features that you will get in the weather bug app.

Many daily apps do not have these many features. Though there are many weather apps, you will not get such amazing features. Also, the WeatherBug app is easy to install on your desktop or your mobile phone and at the same time easy to uninstall also.

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