What Are The Right Ways To Use Augmented Reality Applications For Your Business

Augmented reality is referred as indirect view of a real-world environment where elements are supplemented using computer based sensory input. Examples of these inputs are audio, graphics, video, or GPS data. The “Augmented Reality” technology enhances our real-world experience by addition of digitalized information to it.

This information can be in the form of audio, GPS data, video, and graphics. It uses current view of the environment and uses these digital tools to improve the experience. One of the best places where this technology is used is in digitalizing human based interactions.

What Are The Right Ways To Use Augmented Reality Applications For Your Business

What are the different Ways to Augment a Real-world Scene?

Companies that perform development of augmented reality applications are divided into two types, i.e., analysis and editing. In analysis method, analysis of surroundings is done to build real time models using “Open Computer Vision” library. This application includes two dimensional and three-dimensional models, gesture recognition, facial recognition, and several other methods.

In Editing method, AR applications are built using “Open Graphics” library. In this method, the API communicates with a graphical processing unit to create the shots for the video-stream. Both of these libraries play graphics, where Open CV is used to form pictures, Open GL is used to process them.

Which are the Best Tools required for Augmented Reality Application Development?

To ensure the quick and simplified development of augmented reality mobile app development, app developers use augmented reality libraries that bear open-source Application Programming Interface. Some of the tools required for efficient execution of augmented reality technology are absolutely free and can be easily downloaded from the web while other require nominal some charges for its use.

Kudan AR

To give an animated look to a real-world scene, this tool depends on natural features such as corners, textures and edges in place of fiducial markings. It also provides image recognition function to unlimited images. The best part of this tool is that it doesn’t need large memory space for file storage and offer robust supports on the iOS and Android platforms. Compared to all other frameworks, Kudan AR offers the fastest framework and also deals with Vuforia.


Vuforia presents a comprehensive development of software for AR application development. The platform supports Android, unity and iOS. It also gives remarkable support for two and three-dimensional image recognition, target tracking, virtual buttons, mapping additional elements via OpenGL.

This tool is capable of providing extended tracking that offers continual experience to the user even when the object that you are trying to capture leaves the view. It’s Smart Terrain feature allows one to build a terrain on real time basis.


This tool works best for iOS and Android. It gives the best support to Unity programming language. Its functionality includes marker-less tracking and supports 2D and 3D recognition, 3D model rendering, real objects scanning for recognition, location tracking and HTML augmentation.


Getting extensive knowledge of augmented reality application and the tools for its development would help in recreation or simulation of incredible real-life situation or environment.

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